LATEST NEWS - Brief Updates

12th July 2017

Updates recently made to the following groups:- Computing, Creative Writing, French, Gaden Visits, Photography, Science, Strollers, and Walking.


24th June 2017

Information about our Open Meeting on 3rd July added to this website.

Updates recently made to the following groups:-French, Lunch Group, Non-Fiction Reading Group, Science, Theatre and Walking.


10th June 2017

Information and booking for the 2017 U3A Conference at Nottingham University is now available on this website.


25th May 2017

Contact details for new committee have been added to the website. Follow this link.

Brief report and minutes from AGM held on 5th May 2017 have been added to the website.


8th May 2017

Email with more information about forthcoming AGM distributed to all members on May 8th. The email can be read on-line via this link.

Third Age Trust have circulated results from a Governance Consultation Survey. Read on-line via this link.

A Copy of the new Interest Group Events Sheet has been added to the Group Contacts Page


18th April 2017

Email about committee roles distributed to all members on March 30th. The email can be read on-line via this link.

Calling Notice for 2017 AGM was circulated to all members on 16th April. Read on-line at this link.

Significant news items from 2016

Information about Public and Products Liability Insurance FAQs added to website.

Info for Group Contacts page updated to include Insurance Cover Note for 2016. Also the link the Expenses Claim Form had been displayed more prominently,

If you are considering a free on-line course there are a vast number available via the Future Learn website. There ie even a course about Getting Started with Online Learning .

U3A Head Office have updated advice about use of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). There are a vast number of high quality on-line courses available for free. Check out this website for more information.

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