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Science GroupThe science group has been dormant since the first lockdown and we would now like to revive it in this exciting time for all branches of science;

The new James Webb telescope is about to be commissioned and give us a view firther back in time and almost certainly great images, even better than Hubble

The JET (Joint European Torus) has in the last week set a record for the biggest nett energy output in history

An Anerican patient has recently been given a pig heart, following development of GM techniques to prevent rejection.

There have been few times in history with so much of interest going on.

We have booked the Royal Oak for a meeting at 14.00 on February 23rd, and would like all returning and potential members to come and contribute to the new-look Science Group.

What do you want from the Group?

Should we have individuals keeping watch on selected matters - like the James Webb Telescope?

Should we arrange for guest speakers, and on what topics?

Should we have site visits to places of scientific interest?

Please come along if you are interested; If you are coming, or if you would like to contribute, but can't make this date, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Boldly go where you maybe hadn't thought of going!



Contact the Group Leader

Group contact: Alf Littler

Telephone: 077 587 301 84

Update November 2021

I would like to restart the meetings of the group, but the current membership of the group has dwindled to four, including two recent members and me.  The Group Leaders Coordinator Annie Singer has sent out an e-mail on my behalf to all members of the U3A inviting more members to join our group.

If you are interested in joining the Science group, please contact me on 077 587 301 84 so that we can have a chat about the kind of activities that you would like the group to be involved in.

Thank you

Alf Littler


Update February 2020

The next meeting of the Science Group will take place on Thursday 27th February at 3pm in The Royal Oak, Duke St, Lostwithiel.


Update November 2019

The November meeting will be on 28th November - the last Thursday of the Month at 3:00pm at the Royal Oak ,Duke Street.  

December’s last Thursday will be the 26th (Boxing Day) so we will give December a miss this year and I hope to see all who can come on 30th January 2020.



Update September 2019

We now meet on the last Thursday of the month, so our next U3A Science Group meeting will be on Thursday 26th of September. Usual time of 3:00 pm at the Royal Oak, Duke Street.

Update July 2019

We now meet on the last Thursday of the month, so our next U3A Science Group meeting will be on Thursday 25th of July. Usual time of 3:00 pm at the Royal Oak, Duke Street.
Contact Linden for more details.
Members often show us items they have made, or worked with, or want to know more about.
At one past meeting we cooked beefburgers using solar power, (here we learned that if the sun's rays are focused too well, you can burn the centre of a burger and have the outer edges raw!).
On another occasion we saw an instrument made by one of our members that measured the amount of silt deposited on the sea bed.
At this June meeting we plan to discuss methods of heating our homes and next month we may visit the home of one of our members where heating is being updated.
We may also discuss recent discoveries that are in the news.