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Pictures from our members


Week commencing 28th September

Lindsay Southgate - Hamnoy

Lindsay Southgate - Millook

Jenni Cheesman 

Above - Refections on a Beach

Left - Glistening Ink Cap

Steph Thomas 

Above - Cheese Wring on the Moor

Right - Henge on the Moor



Rose Cross

Above left & right - Fennel Seed Head

Left - Fennel Seed Head





Week commencing 14th September

Jenny Edrich

I like photographing the patterns and colours of flower heads. In the Eryngium (right) the central colours are reflected in the background and I love the silkiness of the early Old Man's Beard seedhead.(above)

Lindsay Southgate

Above - Kynance Sunset

Left - Into the Deep. Having seen Jenny C's image of Bude Pool at the last Platform meeting I was inspired to go back over some old images and this is the result!



Sue Hambly

Right - A Nightcap for Dreaming 

Above - A Glass of Water with Lunch



Rose Cross

Above and left - Dying Flowers of Phorium



Norma Harbinson

Left - Hide and Seek Fun

Above - the Three of Us


Jenni Cheesman

Above - Sunflower Sunburst


Jenni Cheesman

Above - Field of Corn


Steph Thomas

Above - Abandoned


Steph Thomas

Above - Hay Rake


Week commencing 31st August




Lynda Mudle Small - Wenford Dries Montage



Lindsay Southgate

Left - Heather and gorse at Tywarnhale

Above - Svolvaer evening light



Jenni Cheesman

Left - Sweetpeas

Above - Wenford Dries


George Dale

Above and Right - HMS Warrior





Peter Tandy

Above - Fishing Boats on Beer Beach

Left - Swans at Abbotsbury Swannery

Rose Cross - Dapple Light in Pools at Golitha Falls




Jane Perriss

Left - Royal William Yard, Montage

Above - Mayflower Marina, Plymouth

For this image of the Mayflower Marina I followed John Humphrey's notes on using a Displacement Map to add texture.  I used a photograph of a crumpled sheet of paper and the displacement map imposed the contours/texture of the paper onto the image.



Steph Thomas

Above - After Rain

Right - Trees (using Slow Shutter and Image Blender Apps)




Week commencing 17th August

Heidi Swire - both the same photo of a river bed



Jenni Cheesman 

left - Breaking Out

above - Minions Sheep

Lindsay Southgate

Beach Life - they always say the best camera is the one you have with you so this is an iphone shot!


Sailng in to the blue - from a 5.30am sunrise shoot at Charlestown Harbour


Sue Hambly - This week I have two images taken with my iPhone while out and about in Wadebridge, 'The apartments' (above) I captured one bright sunny evening and 'The Bay and Bell' (right) one bright sunny afternoon.




 Rose Cross  - A selection of images.



Steph Thomas 

Above - Not a Druid in Sight!

Right - Moorland Tree



Jenny Edrich 

"Whilst photographing hoverflies this full-facial was rather fun, though does need to be viewed a bit larger!"



"I've cropped my photo a bit more. To me it looks like a face in a flying helmet"



 Jasmina Goodair - "A particular natural history interest of mine has always been the sea shore especially rock pools. Just before lockdown I had an amazing day in Prussia cove with the CWT photography group exploring Prussia Cove with some very knowledgeable folk on the subject. Here are two examples of our finds - a periwinkle and a crab. Rock pools provide an excellent source of macro opportunities...."



Jane Perriss

Left - Japanese Anenomes

Above - Rose Montage

I am working my way through John Humphrey's RPS Tutorial and I have adapted his Paint Effect technique and used it on these images creating my own interpretation/style.  I am still exploring and developing this technique and feel it has possibilities to be used on my next attempt at an RPS Panel.



Week commencing 3rd August


Sue Hambly - Tractor Trails


Sue Hambly - Walking Wadebridge

The two images were taken with my Olympus, using one of the camera art functions. I like to use 'dramatic art' when the light is poor as I feel it does add drama to the image.


Lindsay Southgate

The joys of landscape photography during the summer months

Above 5.54am

Right 8.06pm

Dreaming of shorter days to come!!


Lindsay Southgate - Wheal Coates sunset



Jenni Cheesman

Above  - July Woodland

Right - Single Dahlia



Jasmina Goodair - Have just returned from a wonderful week away in our caravan to Daymer Bay and our much loved North Cornwall Coast. So many images of wildlife to choose from but I settled on a portrait of our dear old girl Pinto with the wind blowing her ears back and a bit of creativity with the tide receding in the Camel estuary.



Rose Cross - Dying Fatsia Leaf, great colours



Rose Cross - Lunch



Steph Thomas

Left - Port Quin

Right - Towards the Shore

Both images taken as DNG (RAW) files using my iPhone as part of a mobile Lightroom (LR), zoom workshop and edited using mobile LR on my iPad.

Colour differences are the result of experimenting with effects.


Jane Perriss - Japanese Anemone



Jane Perriss - Sunflower

I've been experimenting with ICM and ME and thought I would share my efforts, it's a bit hit and miss and I feel I've stood in the garden for hours with my camera trying to master the technique. 


Peter Tandy - Old Trailer at Ethy House


Peter Tandy - The Front Garden at Cotehele House


Jenny Edrich

Jenny Edrich

Local walks near the Fowey valley - no crowds round here!




Week commencing 20th July

Jenni Cheesman 

Left - Poppy After Rain

Above - 4 Sailing on Estuary

Sue Hambly - Sand, Rocks, Clouds

Sue Hambly - Sand, Sea, Clouds

Norma Harbinson 

Above - Red Legged Gull in Flight

Right - Humming Bird

George Dale - Above and Right


Steph Thomas - It's All About the Sky

Steph Thomas - The Rumps


Rose Cross -  Colliford Lake: It was great to see the trees as a whole.


Rose Cross - Colliford Lake:  Bit of colour added,which l think goes well


Lindsay Southgate

Above - Readymoney Cove

Right - Misty Start to the Day at Lostwithiel



Jasmina Goodair - Robin Fledgling


Jasmina Goodair - Robin Fledgling


Lynda Mudle Small

Above - Before we left Portugal the first Hoopoe chick fledged.  1/1600th  f5  ISO400  300mm 


Right - Shape and Form.  1/8th sec f13 ISO100  50mm lens Tripod, Focus stack 5 exposures.






Jenny Edrich - delving back into my archives, when using an Instamatic!

Above  "Dusk in Venice"

Left  "Antony Gormley, London 2007"


Jane Perriss - Sparkling Day at Exmouth


Jane Perriss - Stone Skimming on Sidmouth Town Beach


Peter Tandy

Above - Two Young Ladies on Beer beach

Right - Wheat Field Waiting for the Sun, Ladram Bay Devon





Week commencing 6th July


A candle for the NHS

kindly suggested by Jenny Edrich


Jenny Edrich

Above and left - Two photos from London Zoo



David Platt - Charlestown



Lindsay Southgate -  Charlestown


 Lindsay Southgate - Rame Head Grey





Jasmina Goodair

Above and left - Charlestown



Lynda Mudle Small

Hoopoes - they are nesting in a tree in the field next to ours. Spiders seem to form a large part of the diet for the juveniles.hoopoes attached, they are nesting in a tree in the field next to ours. Spiders seem to form a large part of the diet for the juveniles.

Above 2000th f5  ISO800

Right 1000th f4 ISO500 Lens Canon 300m f2.8, tripod, taken from my hide.





Rose Cross - First Year Echiums and Crocosmia 


Rose Cross - Hypericum After the Rain




George Dale - Roman Holiday 2

LeftSnapped in Rome.

Above - I'm forever ...


Jane Perriss 

Above - Lyme Regis Horizon

Right - Crew at Work, Tall Ships Falmouth




Steph Thomas - Ponies on Rame Head


Steph Thomas - Three Green Bottles


Rose Cross - I’ve been practicing different ways with my pictures in Photoshop


Michael Wilson - I have been trying more indoor photography.First attempt at focus stacking using Affinity Photo which seems to do what lightroom does without the cost.I have been trying more indoor photography.First attempt at focus stacking using Affinity Photo which seems to do what lightroom does without the cost.
10 shots at f8 1/80 stacked. It seems to be easy to do. I had to set each focus manually. But more practice needed.


Week commencing 29th June 

Michael Wilson

I've tried to be a bit more imaginative this week. Views of geraniums from the garden. f16 0.5sec Macro lens with extension tubes.




Jenny Edrich

Above - Daymer beach, after Lowry

Right - Sussex ploughed field










Lindsay Southgate

Left - St Micahel's Mount gardens

Above - Lavender fileds from June 2020

These images were taken almost exactly one year apart. I wonder what June 2021 will look like?


George Dale

Above and right - Roman Holiday



Norma Harbinson

Above - Mystic Stones

Right - Well Fed, Sleeping Greater Spotted Woodpecker


Rose Cross

above and right - Flowers

I’ve been practicing different ways of processing my pictures in photo shop and l was wondering what people thought, l would like some comments (good or bad l don’t mind) as I’m new to this type of work.  Thanks,  rosecross74@gmail.com 



Jenni Cheesman

Left - Sunflower in Field

Above - Fungi in New Forest


Jane Perriss - Sunset Strollers enjoying Town Beach, Sidmouth


Jane Perriss - Sunset Walkers - with an echo of Antony Gormley"s Another Place far right



Steph Thomas

Left - Bedruthan Steps

Above - Watery Pathway


Sue Hambly - Crantock Poppies


Sue Hambly - Crantock Poppy




Peter Tandy

Above - Traction Engine Wheel at Lanivery Rally

Left - An Up and Coming Young Rider


Jasmina Goodair

Above - A dad Grey wagtail was feeding a fledgling on the river at Trago

Right - Buzzard riding the thermals on our hottest day last week





Week commencing 22nd June

My two images for the gallery this week were taken walking on the outskirts of Wadebridge one day, an image reflecting the future and an image of forgotten days.‚Äč


George Dale

Music for strings


David Platt - from our recent field trip to Colliford Lake  


Jenny Edrich - Raindrops on Feather


Jenny Edrich - Hoverfly sheltering from rain


Sue Hambly - Neglected


Sue Hambly - Nurtured

 My two images for this week were taken walking on the outskirts of Wadebridge one day, an image reflecting the future and an image of forgotten days.


Jane Perriss

Left - Old English Rose

Above - Faded Glory



Peter Tandy

Left - Lane into Glendurgan

Above - Sunrise, looking down on Lostwithiel from No Man's Land, November 2014


Rose Cross - Baby Robin, in our garage

 Lynda Mudle Small

15 sec, f2.0 ISO1600 20 June 22.43hrs

 Lynda Mudle Small

10 sec, f1.8 ISO1250 20 June 22.47hrs

First attempts at astrophotography as the Milky Way is showing to the south until 26th when the moon rises. See https://stellarium-web.org/ for where to see it and YouTube videos for advice. It shows much better in camera than to the naked eye and even better when you have processed it. Tip – set camera focus to infinity before it gets dark!


Lindsay Southgate - lockdown has allowed plenty of time to go back to old images and re-edit. This image is from 2018 and I originally left the file untouched as I couldn't see much in it. Having learnt more about Lightroom over the past two years I was able to produce an image I now like!

Lindsay Southgate 

20 second exposure using a 10 stop ND filter to smooth the water. Our latest field trip to Colliford was great fun but quite difficult to photograph! I am looking forward to going back and improving on this effort which didn't quite achieve what I was after.





Steph Thomas

Left - Sunken Tree at Colliford

Trying to simplify a busy scene by isolating one tree and using a 10 stop ND filter to smooth the water.

Above - Morte Point, North Devon

Taken on a workshop with Adam Burton, the grey rocks work well in B&W


Jasmina Goodair - Colliford Lake, petrified trees


Jasmina Goodair - Colliford Lake



Week commencing 15th June 




Jenni Cheesman 

Left - Dreamscape

Above - Meeting on the Beach

  Roland Farley

Right - Robinson Preserve and Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay

Above - Sunset at Lake Myakka 


Steph Thomas - Porthleven Breakwater

Taken on my first workshop with the group and with Carla Regler in March 2017


Steph Thomas - To the Start


Lindsay Southgate - Storm approaching Lewis


Lindsay Southgate -Backlit poppy (aka Hairy Legs)



Jenny Edrich

Above - The church on Brentor from a group field trip in severe gales. I thought the aeroplane trail added to the drama of the day like a silver bolt!

Left - Red Squirrel



Lynda Mudle Small - March of the Swans
Original taken at Abbotsbury Swannery Oct. 2019, this created 17.05.2020, already accepted for exhibition in New York and Spain.


Lynda Mudle Small - Saltash Tunnel.

My last photograph in Cornwall before departure to Portugal. 1/8th sec at f3.2 ISO 160.



Rose Cross

Above left - We picked some mussels a few weeks ago and there were too many so l froze what was left. This week I defrosted the mussels and placed them around a pizza tin.

Above middle - Next I made breadcrumbs out of granary bread, placed the breadcrumbs on top of the mussels ,made garlic butter and placed on top of breadcrumbs.(crushed about 5 garlic cloves and mixed with roughly 100 grams butter)  Then placed under a hot grill.

Above right - Result, amazing!


Jane Perriss - Grass Track Racer

This chap broke down in front of us on two consecutive occasions.  I couldn't resist using layers to a give him a race going on in the background.


Jane PerrissGrass Track Racing

Exciting to watch the passenger moving his weight around to balance the outfit on corners, invariably with his foot skyward!


Norma Harbinson - Forcing Pots at Heligan


Norma Harbinson - Acer


Peter Tandy 

Above - A Rose at Rosemoor

Right - Surfer, homeward bound at New Polzeath






Michael Wilson

Foxgloves in the hedgerows, taken as Michael is getting out and about a little more now.

Jasmina Goodair

Over the past 3 years I have attended various workshops with David Chapman and Ross Hoddinott. Both have been very instrumental in developing my wildlife photography to where I am today. Here are two examples of recent images taken during lockdown of a fledgling Great tit and a Beautiful Demoiselle - much to still learn as always but huge enjoyment learning.




Week commencing 8th June

Marion May

Above & Right Breney Common : An evening outing led by Peter and Caroline. The photos have the benefit of late afternoon sun to create the reflections and the stillness.





Roland Farley

above - Robinson Preserve

left - Osprey


Lindsay Southgate

Wheal Coates, Cornwall


Lindsay Southgate

Lonely Photographer, Harris



Jasmina Goodair 

I have attended a range of workshops with several excellent photographers. The particular images I have chosen this week are from the Victoria Hillman workshop we did in May 19. Ham Wall and the reserves in that area of Somerset are a particular favourite of mine and Victoria's knowledge of the wildlife there and how to capture it is inspiring. These two images were taken at 5 am and 7 am respectively as the Chasers were emerging from their roost in the reed beds and the Reed Warbler was looking for a quick breakfast no doubt.


Jenny Edrich - Having a wash on Par lake


Jenny Edrich - Petworth


Sue Hambly - The Lone Beach Walker

A more recent image taken into the sun at Daymer Beach of a lone walker, the last day before Lock Down.


Sue Hambly - Time Square

An image of Time Square, full of people during safer times, that I have converted to a Pen Drawing


Norma Harbinson - Exhausted After Play


Norma Harbinson - The Old Inn's Tribute to the NHS


Rose Cross - All Wild

Thistles and I think Angelica near Trevone


Rose Cross - Hundreds and thousands of these small snails along the roadside near Trevone



George Dale

Above and left - Fowey Harbour


Jane Perriss

Above - Summer Roses

Right - Petals and Sepals



Michael Wilson - Pink Peony

Taken at  f8, 1/80, ISO 100,  EF-S 60mm Macro


Michael Wilson - The Rumps - Trevose Head.  Our first outing since lock down. 

Canon Compact at f4, 1/800



Steph Thomas - two image of Wheal Coates taken almost exactly two years apart from the same path, but at different times of the day and in very different weather conditions. Interestingly the building appears to lean!

Left - taken on a workshop with Andrew Wray using wide angle 10-20mm lens. Mid-morning on a sunny day.

Right - taken last week using a 17-70mm lens. Evening on a damp, drizzling day.


Peter Tandy - Silverback Gorilla at Paignton Zoo


Peter Tandy - Up We Go, West Looe


Jenni Cheesman - Damselfly in Grass


Jenni Cheesman - Sweet pea




Week commencing 1st June


George Dale - Cornwall Air Ambulance


George Dale - Cornwall Air Ambulance


Roland Farley - American bittern, Myakka


Roland Farley - Black crowned night heron, Myakka


David Platt above and right

My favourite workshop; I’ve chosen the “Lands End” day with Ross a few years ago (maybe 2016) as this was my first experience of input from a professional photographer. He has such infectious enthusiasm that you cannot fail to be inspired & also introduced me to filters (admittedly his at the time!).


David Platt







Marion May

above - St Ives : A day workshop lead by David Chapman, beyond the sea wall a few groynes gave the opportunity to see reflections as well as a few waves adding features to the photo along with Carbis Bay and Godrevy in the background.

left - Kennal Vale : The outing was run jointly with Carla Regler and David Chapman. Kennal Vale has a multitude of photo opportunities with reflections in the quarry water, to disused industrial buildings, and a rock strewn river.


Jasmina Goodaiabove and right

Back to the wildlife this week which is in abundance at the moment.

Marsh Fritillary on Bog Bean - a little self criticism - if I hadn't been wobbling on wet sphagnum moss trying to take this picture hand held I might have remembered to reduce f from 6.3 to 3.5 to blur the background more.....oh well I still like it.





Portrait of a siskin enjoying some sunflower hearts

Jenny Edrich  

above - David Chapman was always so patient and helpful and after photographing the poppies and other wildflowers in the afternoon he encouraged us to stay for a potential sunset at West Pentire. A few minutes after this shot was taken the tiny patch of lower red spread across the sky.

right  - Ross Hoddinott, another very patient teacher, helped me be more creative in photographing close-ups of flowers. This was the inside of a Day Lily, Hemerocallis , taken at RHS Rosemoor.




Lindsay Southgate

Both images taken in 2016 on David Chapman workshops

Left -  Cot Valley. I think this is the first image I "made" rather than "took". David encouraged me to look beyond the obvious. This will always be a favourite of mine, and was included in my LRPS panel.

Above - sunrise at St Ives. I took this image with David's camera as mine had fallen to a watery end in the sea the day before!

Workshops with David were my first experience of shooting at sunrise and sunset. I have been hooked since then on these wonderful times of the day! He has a lot to answer for. 

Rose Cross

Above -  thrilled to see this Small Blue Butterfly, as l haven’t had any in the garden for a couple of years

Left -  Bees feeding up on pollen from the Echium


Steph Thomas

Above and right - Damselfly

I'm not a natural macro photographer, however in 2018 and 2019 I was fortunate to attend workshops held on the Somerset Levels by Victoria Hillman. Victoria is a biologist as well as photographer and so has an expert knowledge of mini creatures and their habitats. This enabled me to not only set up my camera correctly, but also to be in the right place at the right time. 





Jenni Cheesman

Above - Pink Cosmos

Left - Bee on Buddleia


Peter Tandy - A walk along the North coast footpath to Lundy Bay.


Peter Tandy - An evening at New Polzeath


Lynda Mudle Small - Still life in the style of Suzanne Saroff



Jane Perriss - Allium


Jane Perriss - Spent rose



Week commencing 25th May




Jenny Edrich

Left - Malvern Spring

Above - Worcester Cathedral


 Jasmina Goodair

Both images from New Zealand - South Island. A week spent in a magical location for photography. The scenery is stunning. The image above was taken from Queenstown cable car and the one on the right from a light aircraft flight from Milford Sound back to Queenstown.


Lindsay Southgate - Sunset at Bedruthan Steps.

My first photography trip since the relaxation of rules. Photography is a great hobby to have when you need to socially distance. Let's hope it won't be too long before we can all meet up on a very large clifftop somewhere!


Lindsay Southgate - Lostwithiel parade on Lockdon Lostfest Day. Last Sunday should have been our annual Lostfest Day. The team  set up a Lockdown Lostfest featuring many of the musicians on Facebook. Local children had also been making bunting which was hung on the Parade.


George Dale

Above and left - Gig Boatyard


Sue Hambly

Above - Sea Shore Reflections

Left - River Reflections


Jenni Cheesman - Impression of Truro


Jenni Cheesman - Clover


Rose Cross -  A very small bee of some sort, looked on the chart and couldn’t find it.



Rose Cross - Nigella, Love-in-a-mist


David Platt - Dartmoor

Just downloaded some free “Aurora HDR” software so having a bit of a “play”


David Platt - Muga Barrels, Rioja winery tour in Haro, Espana!


Steph Thomas 

Above - Waterfall at Kimmeridge Bay, another experiment trying to achieve a dramatic B&W image

Right - Pulpit Rock on Portland, not RPS pin sharp, but I like the brooding atmosphere



Jane Perriss

Right - Atop the Rigging

Above - Tall Ships in Falmouth Harbour