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26th October 2020

Rose's Ramble to Dunmere Woods


We went to Cardinham Woods this week, but it was so busy we left and drove to Dunmere. What a difference! We walked for an hour without seeing anybody. We used mountain biles there years ago so we knew a lot of the trails, but it was so overgrown we didn't recognise many of them. The main trails are quite wide and there are some beautiful trees. Also I was pleased to see Bodmin and it's Beacon from there. The dog we met was a cross between a Husky and a German Shepherd. A couple of great hours.



29th September 2020

Rose's Ramble to Trevone Rocky Beach

Not been to far this week, just down to local beach called Rocky Beach. As l walked on the beach my eyes were drawn to the quartz like structures in the slate.  l find it quite amazing, the patterns and finesse of some of the lines, even the patterns on the wet slate where some has dried quicker than other parts. l did look it up but there was so much to see l have just left it as quartz.



14th September 2020

Rose's Ramble to Minions

Well we do seem to be going further away from Trevone. On our day out last week we went to Minions, between Upton Cross and Sibleyback Lake. Little did we know what a surprise we were going to have.  Years ago we had a Windsurfing School at Sibleyback Lake and sometimes after work we went up to Gold Diggings, a quarry at Minions, for a swim. You weren't allowed to swim at Sibleyback.  When we finally got to the quarry, what a surprise, there were masses of people; children and adults jumping off the rocks into the water and having picnics. Some had even brought chairs. The surprise was that when we use to go there we were the only people around. Even in more recent years when walking there it has been quiet. It was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves. I hope they all stayed safe.



 31st August 2020

Rose's Ramble to Golitha Falls

Last week we went to Golitha Falls, but we didn’t stay very long as the dapple light is not good for my husband’s eyes and it was very busy. There was a young man with a remote controlled car, very successfully,  going along over the roots of the trees, better than Denis and me.  Also where it wasn’t very bright some cows came out of the dark, quite a surprise, they had come across the river. It was lovely sitting by the river eating our lunch and l tried a bit of long exposure, but there were lots of people around so we decided to leave and didn’t make the waterfall so saving that for next time.



17th August 2020

Rose's Ramble to Rough Tor

We went to Rough Tor yesterday and saw this stone...
I came home added this and it came alive!


3rd August 2020

Rose's Ramble from Constantine to Porthcothan

This week we hiked from Constantine to Porthcothan, very windy hence the wind swell around the coast. We saw one of the iconic seats at Treyarnon and lots of people enjoying the water. It was a lovely walking on the cliff top looking down at the swirling sea.  Did the cow sitting down mean no rain that day?

We carried on to Porthcothan looking at more cliff top views, again there were lots of people in the water. We sat down by the sea holly to eat lunch and watched a guy flying his kite and losing it (the string broke).  He decided to try and retrieve it because he'd paid £3 for it. And he did. We decided to walk back on the road: A. because it’s quicker and B. because the coastal path was getting busy.

A great circular walk.


20th July 2020

Rose's Ramble Down Memory Lane

Bit of memory lane this week. When l was young l did quite a lot of manhole rubbings, in London, they were very ornate then as they still are in some places abroad. So this week l walked down our main road to see what there was.  All the patterns were raised to stop them becoming slippery, but worn down, just 3/4 had the makers name or initials. Square or round was the norm, with a couple of triangular ones there. l threw in a couple of drain-hole covers as they were different shapes.





6th July 2020

Rose's Ramble to Prideaux Place

This week we walked up to Prideaux Place to see the deer being fed. We usually have a cream tea there (which are delicious), but it’s closed and may not open this year.  It was lovely seeing the young fawns that kept running away from their mums.


The next three pictures show the stars of the show.  

This because I’ve never seen a deer on its hind legs standing before.

Because she/he was so different from the others (apart from the albino).

Because it stayed still long enough for me to photograph.


Jennie Barnes' Lockdown Story

As my husband has a suppressed immune system, we have been in total lockdown since all of this started! I could tell about the ordeals of trying to get medication and food without queueing and how we ended up with everything being delivered, including free 'food care' boxes from the government, which were extremely difficult to stop after we'd managed to get deliveries from various supermarkets. Not very interesting!
Photography wise, I bought some cheap throws from Amazon and Ebay in May, and used them as backgrounds for studio shots of my dogs. It kept me happy for a while!
Because I don't usually mix dog walking with photography, (dogs must come first) I haven't been taking my camera with me on our one walk a day allowance (taken about 6.30 each morning to avoid seeing anyone) BUT..... I upgraded my phone to one with a good camera (Galaxy S20) and have managed some reasonable shots. See dog in woods pic below bottom right!





29th June 2020

Rose's Ramble to Tregirls Beach

We walked to Tregirls on Friday at low tide and l was amazes at the different sand trails there were. Here are a few. l include the little foot print, but as l looked around I couldn’t see any children, so it had been there some time.



22nd June 2020

Rose's Ramble to Watergate Bay


This week we went to Watergate, walking there from Porth. It was very misty and in places quite atmospheric. It took us about 45mins, with me stopping to take pictures. The coffee van was closed.


There were lovely wild flowers and an unbelievable amount of landslides. I knew we were near as the Sands Hotel came into view with Whipsaderry beach. The kiosk at the top of Porth hires out golf clubs etc (as there is a field behind it for crazy golf) and snacks, but it's closed at the moment.

We sat on these steps to eat our lunch and Trevor Seagull joined us,as we were not going to share and there were no other visitors to bombard he flew off. I'm not sure what these 2 beach huts are doing here, toilets or changing rooms maybe.

Time to wander back passing this fab tree, peeping in the man-made cave that’s goes under the road, on pass the fields some with rapeseed and some with dandelions, all looked lovely and yellow.

We enjoyed our walk somewhere we haven’t been for a few years.




15th June 2020

Rose's Ramble (in her garden)

My garden is divided into 3 areas front, back and a patio in between. These pictures are a glimpse of the back garden and patio.


These pictures are of a few plants in the front garden. I especially like the trunks of the echium trees. l have had an amazing number of poppies this year, I'm not sure if it’s because l dug up a lot of crocosmia at the end of last year so disturbing the soil. Evening primrose and huchrea are looking great and all sorts of bees are having a feast. 


8th June 2020

Rose's Ramble

This week we had a trip to Park Head.  We started off by going down to the conservation area. Here there were plenty of Foxgloves and Flag Irises. We could just see the little stream. The owl is still there in the boat that’s rotting away.

We then moved on towards Bedruthan and Diggery's where there are usually surfers, but the tide was to high.  A nice circular walk with a break to eat our lunch.



1st June 2020

Rose's Ramble

This week l thought you might like to see  some key places in Trevone and just beyond the village.

I start with a view of village from Round Hole, St.Saviors Church, the Pub, Well Parc, The Village Hall and our local Shop. Last but not least, what was our Post Office, but has been closed for about 5 years.

I went onto the converted Methodist Chapel with views towards Porthmissin Farm, the Beach Coffee Van and Beach Take Away area, the road to Porthmissin Beach and finally the beach (also know as Sandy Beach )

Back to our croquet green with a great sea view and on to countryside views of the Round (there have been many rescues of people and animals from there), Sheep’s Pen (Why? l don’t know!) and the gate to farm shop.  I end my ramble with a couple of sea views from the cliff top and the second picture looking towards Harlyn,  


25th May 2020

Rose's Ramble

Well this week we took Boris at his word and went out in our car to Roughtor, about 35 mins drive for us. The car park was empty and it was very cold and windy. We started off walking through the woodland path. It was lovely to see all the fresh, bright, green leaves and moss. We traversed uphill, not at all boggy as it usually is. A few interesting looking bones about and a view of Crowdie Reservoir where they use to learn to windsurf. Lunch was behind a rock sheltering from the wind, then straight down and home. A great few hours out. Unfortunately l hear the car park is now closed (to many cars) as somebody organised a rave up there, shame.


David Platt

There are only 2 activities I seem to be doing at the moment- in the garden or growing a ponytail! I’m thinking of moving out into this shed to reduce my daily commute & living off wild fruit/berries!

I have a competition for you this week: "SPOT THE DIFFERENCE(S)” These are “before” & “after” photos (I’ll let you decide which is which!) of my “work” during the last week or so. It’s only taken me nearly 30 yrs to come up with an idea for what had become a bit of a dumping ground/storage area I think you could, therefore, fairly say there’s a rather large question mark against my “Vision” skills! (Also reflected in my photography!) Anyway, the weather is far too nice for a BBQ at present but if I can find a suitably wet/windy day in August then I’ll invite you all round for a “Summer”  event!”



18th May 2020

Rose's Ramble

This week we walked up to Stepper Point, the lookout point to the sea and Camel Estuary, also up there is a chimney-like structure which is a daytime sighting for craft at sea. Tregirls Beach was looking spectacular from the road and plenty of cowslips were flowering.  It was quite a hot walk up the cliff path and l think the cows were enjoying the sea breeze.


11th May 2020

Latest from Rose

This week l stayed at home to see what plants are flowering in my garden while I’ve been busy with the veg, l was pleasantly surprised. l then nipped across the road to see my neighbours Lilac Tree, its lovely flowers and great trunk.


Jane and Peter's Patch

"As we are currently homebased we circumnavigate the bungalow and lane several times each day to stay active. During these wanderings I felt it would be nice to share our wildlife corners and views with everyone so I set about filming. ​I tried to approach it by pretending I was showing a friend around.  It took several takes as I invariably forgot the name of a plant (we don't have many!) or got my words jumbled but after a few attempts I managed to get some acceptable footage. 

I'm hoping others will be inspired to have a go with their garden or a local walk because it will be lovely to see some of the outside world as summer progresses.  I plan to film our patch a few times during the summer to show the changing flowers and maybe capture some insect activity to share.​

I used my Lumix Compact camera, it is a few years old, but still produces reasonable pictures.  I used my vintage copy of Adobe Premiere Video to include the title page and end page.  I have never used this before so it was a steep learning curve but an unexpected bonus.  You don't need video software to take your footage and I believe a mobile phone would work just as well too.​ Originally I filmed in MP4 (the preferred format), however my Adobe Premiere programme exported it as AVCHD which Keith managed to format into something that could be used on the website.  I also used OneDrive for the first time to e-mail the 872mb file to Lindsay.  So I guess you can say I have learnt a number of new skills and also had the pleasure of sharing our Patch with you.​"


Update from David

Hi All,

Well I’m still in the garden!

Meet “Bertie” (Robin) & George (Pheasant); for nearly the last 30 years all friendly Robins & Pheasants are so named!

These 2 are particularly friendly & are never far away. I take Bertie for a “walk” down the garden most days & he now occasionally comes inside! He came to sit by me the other day & obliging waited until I managed to point my camera in his direction- he seemed to be sporting a new cropped hairdo but `I suspect it was a “lockdown” home job myself!

George has a very beautiful “wife” that he proudly showed to us a few weeks ago- having “seen off” another aggressive Cock pheasant but we see less of her now as presumably she is busy on her nest. George struts around showing off his iridescent sheen. We are looking forward to being introduced to the new family!

Take care





4th May 2020

A view from David's beautiful garden

We have been blessed with some lovely weather & therefore been spending a lot of time outdoors- so some pics of "our" local garden!

(Many of us may remember that lovely "summer" afternoon we spend watching the rain fall outisde David's window at his BBQ last year!)







Looking in from the outside

One of my routine walks for daily exercise is past David's house so here are a few pics en route to and from my house and past David's gate!



From Polmena Road towards the River Fowey


Lindsay Southgate


The entrance to David's beautiful garden

Nearly home after daily exercise!


Rose's walk near Trevone

I set myself a target this Friday, on my walk, to specifically photograph white flowers in the hedgerow, l couldn’t resist the Oxeye Daisies on a neighbour's wall, but the rest were in the hedges, l don’t think l have doubled up and was very surprised when l got home and counted up. Good to have a challenge be it small.



A Bike Ride to Porthcothan (27th April)

Rose has created a record of a recent bike ride...

A quick bike ride to Porthcothan in my exercise hour, short walk up to the bench to take in the views,‘lovely’. I couldn’t be too long as Denis, my husband, was looking after the bikes, in his own fashion.

It really does brighten the day popping out for an hour.