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In this day of digital photography that magic of sending off to the developers and wondering what your 3 x 36 films from your holiday look like - then putting some in an album is all a bit old fashioned. Here I was with some 2,000 digital images from our 6 week holiday in Australia, New Zealand and finally 3 days in Bangkok - what to do??? I cut my Bangkok images from some 400 + ( a feast for the eyes photography wise especially as we were there over Chinese New Year) down to 126 and finally down to 93 - the only way I felt I could make some sort of permanent record, short of developing them, was to make a slideshow - but how? I had watched slideshows with lovely background music in awe, imagining all manner of clever trickery. Well there it was in Lightroom and with a little encouragement from Lindsay I pressed some buttons and unexpectedly there were my 93 images in an 8 minute video - no music and very wobbly images on playback. I didn't understand all the steps fully and after several attempts and several copies of wobbly slideshows off I sent one to Lindsay to say help. A phone call later to demystify some of the instructions and options and an introduction to a non royalty website for music I was able to finalise a non wobbly slideshow with music to create a permanent reminder of a wonderful 3 days in a city of amazing contrasts of old and new. Now to get stuck into the New Zealand and Oz pics - no stopping me now!





Little did I know when Peter Bland encouraged me to join the U3A Photogrpahy Group in 2013 that I would become slightly obsessed!! As some of you know I have developed a passion for photographing landscapes, particularly in cold climates. These images are from my recent trip to Iceland in February 2020. At the time we commented how lucky we were that it was quieter than usual as many of the Asian visitors had stayed away because of this strange new virus we were just beginning to hear about. How quickly times change.


Lindsay Southgate





In November last year I was fortunate to be part of a small group of photographers, including Lindsay and Jenni, who spent a week on the Isle of Harris & Lewis, Outer Hebrides. This is a special place with spectacular scenery and wonderful, ever changing light. To make the experience even more of a photographer's dream we were joined by a professional photographer, Ross Hoddinott, for three of the days. The images in the slide show are my attempt to capture the emotion, majesty and drama of this unique place.

Steph Thomas





David and Charlayne enjoyed a very special trip to Venice last year before the virus caused chaos to that city and all of us. He has created this beautiful video and set it to the song "Bring him home" from Les Miserables which suited it beautifully. Sadly Steph and Lindsay had to get miserable and ask him to take the music off as we don't have rights to play the music on here. The topic of how to add "free music" to videos as in our previous ones may be a good learning exercise when we are all back together.

For the moment we suggest you put on some music you love, turn it up loud, grab a coffee or even better a glass of wone, and lose yourself in these beautiful images.






In June 2019 Lindsay enjoyed a photography workshop in Provence photographing some of the iconic lavender fields




Lynda has shared some beautiful images from a trip to Canada (British Columbia and Nova Scotia)






In 2017 David Platt took an amazing trip in Alaska. He has kindly shared some of the fantastic images from this trip on the presentation below. ( Apologies to David but we have had to lower the resolution of this file due to space limitations so they may not appear quite as crisp and sharp as they really are)

David Platt's Alaska Adventure