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An index to the Groups operating within Lostwithiel U3A is included on this page.

Each Group has its own web page providing more information about that Group including contact details for the Group Leader.

Click on the appropriate link below to find information about a particular group.

Art Appreciation

Art AppreciationWe visit exhibitions galleries, stately homes with collections, craft shows, sculpture gardens, locally and further afield. We want to interpret Art as widely as possible, and see and learn about new works as well as those we already admire and love.

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Art To Start GroupWe meet every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month (holidays permitting) at 2-4pm at The Platform, Lostwithiel. Drawing is the main focus of the session with the aim of individual development of work later. All abilities welcome and lots of experimentation will take place.  At the moment the group is full.

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Bird Watching

BirdwatchingA hardy group of keen amateur birdwatchers who hold regular field trips, weather permitting, to reserves and other bird-watching sites in the region.

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Bridge GroupWe play rubber bridge weekly from 7 - 10pm with a refreshment break half way, when there's lots of chatter. We are a happy bunch and very helpful if anyone is unsure of their bidding. We also have regular Bridge magazines and several teaching programmes available. If you think you may like to be part of this group please get in touch, it's good to welcome new U3A members.

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Chess PieceFormed in February 2020,  the Group meets weekly in the Platform  Meeting Room on Lostwithiel Station.  Players of all abilities are welcome.

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We are a small group, generally about 3 or 4 people, and run in a very informal manner.

We discuss using PCs running Windows 7, 8, or 10. Our sessions are based around a Question and Answer format designed to help U3A members who are learning how to use their computers for the first time and also members who have used PCs for a while, but would like to learn about using new programs.

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Creative Writing

Creative Writing GroupThis very informal writing group meets on the last Tuesday of each month in The Platform meeting room on Lostwithiel Station. Members write on an agreed topic and then share what they have written. Some examples of the group's work may be read on our blog by clicking on the "Short Stories" link on the left.

Unfortunately the Group has grown to a size that we cannot accept any more members at present. We will keep a waiting list, so please contact me if you are interested.


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Most of our riders now have Electric Bikes which means that we can cycle further and don't have to bother about hills. We have two rides each month usually on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday. For further information please read the notice on our Group Home Page.

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Family History

We are two friendly groups who help each other with our brick walls and sharing information on various web sites to search for the information we need for our research. We  meet the second Wednesday each month at The Red Store, Lerryn,  morning group meet 10- 12.30  the afternoon group meet 2- 4.30. Both groups their do their own research every month.

If you would like to join either group please get in touch

                                                  CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK


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French GroupNew members very welcome! The group is very informal and of mixed ability, but not really suitable for absolute beginners. Most of us have some school French.

We share our knowledge of the language and experience of French life and culture with each other. We look at grammar points, topics and current news - whatever anyone suggests. The aim is to have fun whilst learning and to refresh our rusty French. There is always a lot of laughter and "déviation" along the way! Meetings are held on 1st and 3rd Friday mornings of each month from 10.30 - 12 in the Platform Meeting Room on Lostwithiel Station.

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Garden Visits

Garden Visits  GroupThere are times when you need to stop working in your own garden and get inspiration from other people’s creativity and hard work. Does this apply to you? In that case, you would fit in well in our group! We do not have a waiting list, so get in touch if you would like to join us. Our programme of visits to gardens, usually in Cornwall and Devon, starts in February to visit a snowdrop garden and ends in October to admire the autumn colours.

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iPadders GroupWe are a small group of iPad owners who meet once a month from 10.30 am until 12.30 pm on the last Tuesday. We meet to exchange information and share our knowledge of iPads. We also enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit or two.

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Lunch Group

We are a friendly group of singles and couples who meet for lunch on the 4th Wednesday of each month at as many different locations as we can find within 30-40 mins of Lostwithiel!

Between us we have discovered some really good places to eat. The lunches usually start at 12.30 for 1pm.

Members take it in turns to organise and host the lunches, so if no one volunteers there’s no lunch!!

The group has, at present 32 members, so we are unable to welcome any more at the moment, but if you are interested in joining please let me know and I can add you to a waiting list.

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Photography GroupWe are a friendly photography group with a variety of skill levels and interests. The group meets twice each month. One of our meetings is based in Lostwithiel when we show and discuss photographs. The second sees us out around the county and further afield, taking pictures and helping each other to try new photographic techniques and challenges. We also arrange workshops for the group with renowned professional photographers. These give us the chance to improve and grow within our own particular area of interest. We have also held four successful exhibitions over the last seven years. We welcome members with all ranges of ability and equipment - most of us started using our phone as a camera!

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Poetry GroupOur meetings are held monthly every 2nd Friday at 10.30am in the Platform meeting room, Lostwithiel Station.

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Science GroupWe are a small group of people with an interest in most things scientific. We do not look for any qualifications, just an open mind to things around us and how they work. We usually meet once a month on the last Thursday of each month, normally in Lostwithiel but occasionally we go further afield to some other place of interest.

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We would be delighted to hear from any new members. We are a friendly little group and not over serious. We play for enjoyment and to keep our brains alive (just).

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Strollers GroupOne "stroll" per month taking place on the last Friday of each month. These walks will be 2-3 miles along a gentle terrain (i.e. no hills).

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Strummers Ukulele Group

StrummersLearn a few easy chords and sing some songs it's great fun! Meeting starts at 2pm every Monday in Scout Hut. Absolute beginners are given basic instruction from our Start Up Book. We have a spare Ukuleles Why not give it a try!

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Theatre GroupWe are a very lively, active and friendly Group meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month and organising trips to live and live-streamed theatre in and around Cornwall and beyond.

There is currently a waiting list to join this group. 

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Ukulele Workshop

Ukulele WorkshopInitially set up by the Strummers Ukulele Fun and Sing Along Group we are a small group of enthusiastic, like-minded ukulele players who enjoy music and who are keen to develop and progress our musical ability. The emphasis is on playing the ukulele and singing with the occasional inclusion of other instruments to enhance particular songs.

We see ourselves as a group which is complementary to the Strummers Ukulele Fun and Sing Along Group which meets each Monday. Sessions are conducted in a helpful and supportive way. Meetings are held every Friday at the Lostwithiel Forum's Platform Meeting Room on the Station from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. We perform as Lost Chords. 


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Walking GroupThere are two walks scheduled each month: Main Walks (Normally 4-6 miles) are on the second Tuesday of every month. Short Walks (Normally 3-4 miles) are on the last Tuesday of every month. Members are contacted by e-mail, normally 7-10 days prior to the planned walk, giving details of the walk, meeting times, difficulty of walk, whether picnic is required, possibility of tea and cake stop etc. Based on the requested returns from the group lifts are arranged to minimise the number of cars required. We normally meet at the Community Centre but individuals can travel independently if desired to the pre-arranged starting point. This information is also updated onto the walking group page of the website.

There is currently a waiting list to join this group as the numbers have now exceeded manageable levels for many of the walks.

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Wine Appreciation

Wine AppreciationIn the past few years we have tasted wine from all over the world as each month a different member hosts the group and chooses which wines we should taste - sometimes by country or region, and sometimes by grape variety. We have all enjoyed trying wines which we would not normally have chosen so we like to feel our tastes have widened through belonging to this Interest Group. Whenever we can find a teetotal driver we love to take the Lerryn Minibus out for a spin to a local vineyard or wine merchant.


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