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Wine Appreciation

Wine AppreciationIn the past few years we have tasted wine from all over the world as each month a different member hosts the group and chooses which wines we should taste - sometimes by country or region, and sometimes by grape variety. We have all enjoyed trying wines which we would not normally have chosen so we like to feel our tastes have widened through belonging to this Interest Group. Whenever we can find a teetotal driver we love to take the Lerryn Minibus out for a spin to a local vineyard or wine merchant.

Contact Michael Furminger for more details.

Contact the Group Leader

Group contact: Michael Furminger

Telephone: 07715546026

If you want to see what's been going on in the last couple of years do have a look at the archive pages

2024 schedule

We will continue with a regular fixture of 3pm on the last Monday of the month. The location will be either in a members home or the Cafe of the Community centre. We plan to go to other locations for visits to tastings and vineyards, to be advised.


29 Jan Jenny MacDonald  
26 Feb Alison and John Hurst  
25 Mar Victoria Nelson Community Centre
29 Apr Michael Furminger  
27 May Helen Mills  
24 Jun Nicola Tipton Community Centre
29 Jul Pat Stearn Community Centre
26 Aug Keith Southgate Community Centre
30 Sept Jill Fletcher Community Centre
28 Oct Christine Walton  
25 Nov Sue and Carl Watts  


March  2024 Meeting

Victoria hosted the March Meeting in the Community Centre.

Four wines  (one white and three reds) were sampled  by 10 members  of the group. 

All four wines, some of which were discounted, cost about £10 each.


 1.  The Capeography Co  Old Vines Chenin Blanc  Paarl-South Africa  (Morrisons)
An interesting  white wine with a prominent initial aroma.  Well received by the group. 

According to Morrisons website  "Made from 35-year-old dry-grown vines rooted in the Paarl soil. This is a mineral, textured Chenin Blanc full of tropical fruit and toasted vanilla"

2.  Villa Maria New Zealand Pinot Noir Marlborough  2021 Private Bin  (Tesco)

This wine was the most popular red wine mong the group.

Described by Tesco as "Grown in ancient river valleys between vast oceans and towering mountains, then bottled at our winery in the crater of a volcano. Villa Maria Private Bin Pinot Noir leaps from the glass with vivid flavours of red cherries and raspberries with a dusting of smooth spice."

3.  Signargues Côtes-du-rhône Villages Appellation D'origine Protegee  2022 France (Tesco  Finest)
According to Tesco "From the most southern Côtes du Rhône Villages From respected winemaker Julie Rouffignac From the most southern of the Côtes du Rhône Villages, Signargues, known for richer, more intense wines. This rich blend of mainly Grenache and Syrah grapes offers opulent dark fruit flavours such as blackcurrant and cherry with comforting warm spice on the finish."

4.  Diablo Black Cabernet Sauvignon  Laule Valley / Valle del Manle   Chile (Tesco)  
From the  Tesco Website  "This Cabernet Sauvignon has a deep character it is intense and has a strong personality... Structured and with an enticing silky character. Black wood, tobacco and a hint of vanilla."


Wines sampled at March 2024 meeting


Wine Group meeting March 2024



February 2024 Meeting

The theme at Alison and John's home was Romania. All the wines came from Wadebridge wine and were around the £10 mark. It was an enjoyable afternoon. The wine was mostly not too bad but I wouldn't rush out to buy them! But that me.



January 2024 Meeting

We met at Jenny's home to enjoy an selection with a Spanish feel. The pink wine seemed to be the most favoured however most were enjoyed by the group.



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