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Bridge GroupOn Wednesdays we play rubber bridge from 2.00pm until 5.00pm,with a refreshment break half way, for a chat.    We are a happy bunch and very helpful if anyone is unsure of their bidding.    We also have regular Bridge magazines and advice on teaching programmes available.   If you think you may like to be part of this group please get in touch, it's good to welcome new U3A members.

Contact the Group Leader

Group contact: Jenny MacDonald

Telephone: 01208 873933

July 2022

Our bridge group is now into its 10th year, having kicked off as soon as Lostwithiel U3A began.   Some of us playing together from the start, others just a month or two  ago. We continue to meet on Wednesday afternoons , usually at Jenny's home, sometimes visiting three other members homes. Whilst the game keeps us mentally alert so does the friendly banter as we socialize at teatime.


As we  are being deprived of our regular venue quite a bit at present we are enjoying visiting the homes of several members who have kindly stepped in to host our bridge afternoons.

Wednesday afternoons have proved to be the more popular option

March 2022

We are are happy that we are welcoming two new members to play bridge with us.    It is never easy to find a meeting time to suit everyone and those of our group who preferred to play online for the past four months now feel comfortable to join those playing 'live'.   These factors have prompted us to rethink when we play so we are trialing a choice of Wednesday or Saturday afternoons (or maybe even both!).   This has the added advantage of smaller numbers thus lowering infection risk.

February 2022

We will be reviewing when and where we play as the weather improves and spring arrives.  Possibly retaining two small groups to enable a safer environment for those who need to be more cautious.

It's up for discussion so if anyone would like to join us for a relaxed game of bridge this would be an ideal time.


January 2022

Our outdoor afternoon sessions came to an end as the weather deteriorated in October and we recommenced playing online one evening a week.   As the Covid problem eased we started just one table in a conservatory then in a house, following the recommendations to keep windows or doors open etc and keep ourselves safe.   

September 2021

The summer brought split views  regarding how to play so we restarted bridge in gardens for the summer while continuing the B.B.O. on-line sessions until members found themselves busy with other outdoor activities and avoided their computers.

We are finishing garden sessions at the end of this month and setting up play again with B.B.O. and Zoom in October.         There will also be a trial of one table indoors following all government recommendations,

If anyone would like to join either of these bridge sessions please get in touch as we are happy to welcome you and expand our numbers.                                                                                                                                                                              

March 2021

Not to be outdone by lockdowns through the winter we set up on-line games using Bridge Base Online and our u3a's Zoom facility.  This stopped us getting 'rusty' and was good company on dark winter evenings when there were so few opportunities to socialize.          However it will be so good when we can all play at tables again as playing on-line does not suit everyone.

September 2020

As the restrictions for Covid changed a few of us decided to try playing outdoors with pre-dealt cards and all necessary safety measures in place.  Eventually even coats and blankets were not sufficient to stave off the cold so were all then missing our bridge games for a while.


Unfortunately we had to cancel our regular bridge session on 17th March due to the virus.   This will have to remain the case until social distancing is no longer in force.

We will just have to play against our computers to avoid withdrawal symptoms and keep in practice.


January 2020

We were happy to welcome a new member who joined us this week.  Though fairly new to Bridge she is already very involved with other groups in our branch.

As I'm unable to host Jan 22nd and 29th Bridge will be at our usual alternative home - thank you hosts.

June  2019

If I say that after six years we are still playing bridge at the same time each week, at the same venue and (mostly) the same people it would seem we are a boring bunch.........no way!

We play rubber bridge from 7 - 10pm with a refreshment break half way, when there's lots of chatter.  The latest members to join us find us a happy bunch and very helpful if anyone is unsure of their bidding.   We also have regular Bridge magazines and several teaching programmes available. 

If you think you may like to be part of this group please get in touch, it's good to welcome new U3A members.