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Garden Visits

Garden Visits  GroupThere are times when you need to stop working in your own garden and get inspiration from other people’s creativity and hard work. Does this apply to you? In that case, you would fit in well in our group! We do not have a waiting list, so get in touch if you would like to join us. Our programme of visits to gardens, usually in Cornwall and Devon, starts in February to visit a snowdrop garden and ends in October to admire the autumn colours.

Contact the Group Leader

Group contact: Annie Singer

Telephone: 01208 871272

Update 24th August 2020

Autumn is on its way. My house martins have flown away and you will have noticed that some trees are already shedding their leaves. Autumn colours will provide us with great photo opportunities. I take this opportunity to thank the members who have continued to e-mail me photos for inclusion on our three sub pages.  I hope that you have enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I have.

In the meantime, I am going to invite you every week to submit photos from your garden or the countryside on a theme. It is not a competition, just a way of continuing to build up a photographic record of the year.

The theme for the week of Monday 24th August is “Yellow, orange or red garden flowers”. I look forward to receiving and posting your entries.  I will contact you on Tuesday 1st September for the next theme.


Update 30th June 2020

I started receiving photos taken by members during their visits to gardens.  This gave me the idea of starting a new sub-page in order to share those photos with all members. Enjoy your virtual tours!


Update 25th June 2020

As some lockdown measures begin to be eased, those Interest Groups involving outdoor activities including the Garden Visits Group are considering if they can start to meet again.

Having spoken to some members of the group, I have decided not to resume our programme of visits for the remainder of 2020. The main reasons for my decision are as follows:

  1. Some of you will still be shielding and being incredibly careful
  2. We all need to minimise our number of interactions to stop the spread of the virus
  3. There are still only 6 people allowed in any outdoor group activity
  4. People in groups must socially distanced:  one of the pleasures of visiting a garden with others is to chat, share knowledge, point out what somebody else might miss etc
  5. Car sharing is still out of the question and this would disadvantage those of you who do not drive

The easiest thing to do is to roll over this year’s programme into next year in the hope that we can resume “normal” garden visiting from March 2021. I hope that you will not be too disappointed by this decision. In the meantime, keep sending me photos of your gardens and of the Cornish landscapes you walk through on your outings.

Enjoy the summer in your own garden as well as in any other garden you might visit.


Update 22nd May 2020

Now that we can travel further afield for our exercise, our photo gallery now includes many photos taken from the whole of South East Cornwall and beyond.  A big thank you to the members who e-mail me their photos to post on our website page.  Don't forget to send photos of your gardens too!

Update 1st May 2020

I have now created a new page called "The Cornish countryside through the lockdown months."

Those of us who were lucky enough not to have to self-isolate were able to go out for our daily exercise during the lockdown months.

Taking photos of trees, shrubs and flowers to share with friends and family gave us all an additional purpose to our walks.  So let us share all our photos with the members of the group.  E-mail them to me and I will post them for you on this page.


Update of 29th April 2020

Like me you have no doubt missed visiting gardens.  Instead you have had more time working in your own garden.  In order to remain connected I thought that it would be a good idea if we could share photos of each other's gardens.

To that effect I have created a new page called "Members' gardens" which you can access through the left hand menu.  To start the ball rolling, I have posted photos of my garden.

I look forward to receiving photos of yours for inclusion on this page.


Update of 14th March 2020

It is with a very heart that, following consultation with our Chairman, I have decided to cancel our programme of visits due to the Coronavirus.

All members of the group have been sent an e-mail informing them of this decision.

I will be in touch when it will be safe to resume our programme of visits.


Planning the 2020 programme

We met on Monday 11th November 2019 in the Royal Oak Inn, Lostwithiel in order to start planning our 2020 programme.   We met again on Friday 21st February 2020 in the Royal Oak Inn, Lostwithiel to confirm our plans.  A big THANK YOU to everybody who volunteered ideas towards the programme and to the members who did the research to confirm dates and other details.

Our exciting programme for 2020 is on the website and each member will receive a copy.  Visits are advertised by e-mail two weeks in advance with full details.
Our programme of visits will start on 18th March when we will visit Trewithen Garden.