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Photography GroupWe are a friendly photography group with a wide variety of skill levels and interests. The group meets three times each month. One of our meetings sees us out around the county and sometimes further afield, taking pictures and helping each other to try new photographic techniques and challenges. There are also two meetings held online  - in one we share and discuss images based on a monthly theme, whilst in the second we explore a variety of topics related to processing images in more depth. We also arrange workshops for the group with renowned professional photographers. These give us the chance to improve and grow within our own particular area of interest. Over the last ten years we have also held four successful exhibitions . We welcome members with all ranges of ability and equipment - most of us started using our phone as a camera!



Contact the Group Leader

Group contact: Stephanie Thomas

Telephone: 01208 841484

Group contact: Lindsay Southgate

Telephone: 01208 873371


August 2022



August will be another busy month for the Photography Group. The Extra Meeting will look at how we make skies interesting in our images. At the Platform Meeting, following our visit to Hawk's Tor and the neighbouring stone circles, we will share moorland pictures. Lastly keeping with the moorland theme for the field trip we will return to Colliford Lake and the sunken trees.


July 2022



As ever lots to look forward to in July - Photo Extra will remind us all to never delete an image from the PC, the Platform theme is metal and a Field Trip to Hawk's Tor will give a variety of photographic opportunities.



June 2022

This month we are challenging our members with a Three Photo Challenge at the Photo Extra meeting, and looking for images relating to WATER at The Platform meeting. Check out the web pages on the left to see the results.


Images from our May meeting :

Centre - Norma Harbinson

Right - Rose Cross










May 2022


Another great month of activities - all available form the left hand menu!

Caerhays colour was fantastic for a field trip, Photo Extra was fascinating this month, and May's Platform theme of Springtime offers all sorts of opportunities.



Image left: From April Platform Meeting with the theme of Boats - Jane Perriss


March 2022

Dates and themes for all upcoming meetings are posted on the Diary page accessible from the left hand side of this page. The FIeld Trip sheet is also posted for March 24th.

A video recording of the March Phtoto Extra meeting, where we discussed the Power of the Crop Tool, is posted on the relevant page.




Image right: From March Field Trip to Fowey - Steph Thomas




February 2022

All sub pages, accessible from the left hand side of this page, have been updated with videos or images of meetings and field trips.


Image right: From February Field Trip to New Polzeath 




January 2022

 Our first field trip of the year is to Polzeath and Greenaway on Thursday 27th February. All detals are on the Field Trip page accessed from the menu on the left hand side of this page.



December 2021


 And so we draw to a close another successful year for Lostwithiel U3A Photography Group.

As we look back over 2021 we are pleased to have been able to run in person Field Trips every month since restrictions were lifted on socialising in April. These have all been well attended and have given us the opportunity to revisit our favourite spots in Cornwall. Suffice to say our appetite for coffee and cake remains undimmed by Covid19! 

Our members decided to continue our other meetings online via Zoom. The Monday evening Photo Extra meeting has continued to develop and many more members now attend this than in previous years. We continue to discuss a wide range of topics, introducing different tools and ways of working to those who are interested.

The monthly Platform meeting is also well attended online and the monthly theme for images encourages everybody to participate. The final meeting in December included nearly 40 images from 13 members and the critique of the images involved all members.

The web pages for each activity, accessed from the menu on the left of this page contains inages and videos of each of our monthly meetings so do take a look and remind yourselves of what we have been up to!

The group has plans in place for the start of 2022 and hopes to continue to welcome new members through the year. In the meantime we wish all members and their families a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.



October and November Updates

Each subpage (accessed from the LH menu) has been updated with images and videos of meetings. Always check the Diary page for upcoming meeting dates.

August and September Updates

Images and videos from meetings and field trips have all been posted on the relevant page.

Plans for October have been confirmed and are on the Diary page.


Photography Social

At last we have managed our summer social without rain! What a lovely afternoon we shared courtesy of David and Charlayne.

Thanks to Rose who wins the prize as the only person with a camera!


Updates to website as at 27th June 2021

Updates have been posted on the relevant page for the three activities held in June:

  • A video excerpt from the Photo Extra meeting on Projects and Panels is on that page showing Steph's successful "L" panel for the RPS.
  • Thumbnails of the images on the theme of Textures at the Platform meeting have been posted.
  • A report from the Field Trip to Pencarrow is also available together with some of the images from the day.


Updates to website as at 30th May 2021

It's the end of May so as usual our photography webpage has been updated with details of all our activities and some great examples of varied images.

Reports of recent meetings and field trips, together with recordings or images, are available on the relevant subpages. There is still space for images from last week’s field trip to Trevose, please do send them and we will add to those already there.

This month sees the final Gallery update for the moment as members felt there were other opportunities to share work now that we are getting out and about a little more. All the images from the last year or more can be seen via the Archive page


Updates to website as at 25th April 2021

Another month and another step towards normalcy as we resume field trips and look forward to further easing of lockdown restrictions in May. The only negative note has been the cancelling, due to lack of interest, of the two workshops planned in June. In the future we will need to carefully consider the viability of booking other workshops with professional photographers.

On a positive note we can look forward to our May field trip to Trevose Head on Thursday 27th May led by Jasmina. This location offers something for everyone including flowers, birds and a dramatic coastline. Details will be published on the field trip page soon.

Other updates may be seen by clicking on the links:

  • Another interesting tree, found by Rose, on the Scrapbook page .
  • Members have contributed a wide range of genres to the Spring gallery.
  • A report and pictures of our lovely day at Caerhays is on the Field Trip page.
  • And of course reports and video clips are included on the Platform and Photography Extra pages.

Other dates for your diary:

  • Photography Extra Zoom meeting on Monday 3rd May at 5pm. Lindsay and Jenni will give an introduction to Nik software, a powerful suite of 8 Photoshop and Lightroom plugins that offer a range of special effects. The Google "free" version of this is still available while the newer DxO version maybe downloaded for a free 30 day trial.
  • Platform Zoom meeting on Thursday 20th May at 2pm. The theme for images is "Circles" and these should be sent to Steph by noon on Wednesday 19th May.
  • And remember the diary page is up-to-date with our planned activities into June.


Updates to website as at 27th March 2021

There are several updated pages on the website for you to peruse this month:
  • A new Spring Gallery is open with this month's contributions from members.
  • The Platform Meeting page has a short report from our last meeting.
  • The Field Trip page has a planning sheet with all the details for our outing on April 22nd. Amazingly it will be 6 months to the day since our last Field Trip.
  • The Member's Scrapbook page has a link to Enys Garden bluebell festival - if you have any other suggestions for bluebell photography let us know and we will add to the list.
  • Lastly please remind yourself of the dates of two upcoming workshops (Victoria Hilman and Ross Hoddinott). We have confirmed these workshops with the photographers and will open them for booking once the plans for relaxation of rules after April 12th is confirmed.
  • The Diary Page is up to date - our next Platform Extra meeting is on Monday 5th April at 5pm when we will be looking at edits of the same image by different photographers.

In the meantime enjoy the upcoming good weather and a slight relaxation in restrictions!


Updates to website as at 28th February 2021

The February updates to the U3A Photography webpage have been published. You will find another great selection of images from our members. The breadth of interests and techniques is one of the things which makes our group so interesting.

On the Members' Scrapbook page there is a link to next week's virtual Photography Show and an interesting image from Rose.
The Diary Page has the next couple of month's dates including a potential Field Trip in groups of 6 for April 22nd.
Our next Photography Extra meeting is tomorrow, Monday 1st when Sue will show us how she uses Place Embedded when creating some of her images in Photoshop. The login details have been emailed to members.

Also if you missed January's Platform meeting there is a video of all the beautiful images shared HERE


Updates to website as at 25th January 2021

A New Year and a new record for attendance at our monthly Zoom Platform meeting!  
The report and video clip from the January Extra meeting has been posted. The meeting focused on improving our images both as we shoot and in post processing. The constructive discussion encouraged everyone to take part. 
It’s certainly worth viewing the video clip, posted with the Platform meeting report, as it illustrates the innovative approach to lockdown photography by two of our members. Elsewhere the Gallery has been updated again showing the range of photography that’s possible in these strange times, even if it’s trawling through our back catalogues to see if there is an older image that’s worth working on. 
Remember to look at this month's hints and tips on the Scrapbook page
A reminder of upcoming dates for you:
Monday 1st February at 5pm - Zoom Photography Extra meeting when Jenni C and Lynda MS will show us how versatile the selection tool is in Photoshop. 
Tuesday 9th February at 3pm (time to be confirmed) - Aspect2i Zoom workshop.
Thursday 18th February at 2pm - Zoom Platform meeting.The theme for next month's images is Spring Flowers.
Saturday 27th February at 12 noon - the deadline for Gallery images and any website updates to be sent to Lindsay or Steph
Please remember that all field trips are postponed until we know how and when lockdown ends.


Updates to website as at 30th November

Incredible as it seems this is your update for the end of November. Does anybody else feel like they are still in April?

In spite of lockdown again this month our members have contributed more varied images to the Gallery.
Jenny E, who has done a fantastic job documenting the flora and fauna in her meadow this year, has written her final blog. Once again many thanks to Jenny for all her work on this record.
There are also some further suggestions for you in Members' Scrapbook .
The report from November's Platform Zoom Meeting has been posted and includes a video of the section of the meeting which discussed the images submitted on the theme of Autumn.
A reminder of upcoming dates for you:
Monday 7th December at 5pm - Photography Extra via Zoom which will include demonstrations of Transform/ Perspective Warp and Color Grading Tools in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Thursday 17th December at 2pm - Platform Zoom Meeting with images on the theme of Still Life.
Saturday 23rd January - deadline for the next updates to the website. (The website update elves are taking December off!!)
The following text is an update from David on the upcoming training day:
The “Bringing Your Images to Life” Zoom talk by Michael Pilkington of aspect2i is confirmed for Tuesday 9th February 2021. Timing TBC but likely to be 3pm and could now be up to a 2 hour Presentation!
I repeat the description of the content
"Although designed as an Introduction to “ Image Interpretation & Post-Processing” it will cover important considerations before a RAW file is even worked on as well as why both Photoshop & Lightroom should be used to maximise the impact of your photo files!"
"There will be something to take away from this session not only for relative “novices” to post-processing but also for those of advanced abilities” 
This is a "Lostwithiel U3A Photography Group exclusive” and Michael is giving his valuable time to help us. However, may I encourage you not just to view their website www.aspect2i.co.uk to see the range of training resources they provide but also to have a look at their YouTube channel where there are lots of great instructional videos!
A further update will be given at our next Platform meeting
To complete this monthly update, we hope to see you at one of the December Zoom meetings, but if not we wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas and look forward to more "in person meetings" in 2021.


Updates to website as at 26th October

Many members have continued to send images for the Gallery so we have started a new one called Autumn/ Winter. Gallery 2 has been moved to the Lockdown Archive - remember that everything you created and contributed has been saved under the archive umbrella so you can still look back on it. 
There are also a couple of additions to Member's Scrapbook - please do send us anything you would like added here so other members can benefit. 
Jenny E has continued her blog as the seasons roll by, and Rose has a further collection of images from a ramble too.
The report of October's Field Trip to Cardinham is already updated on the webpage. If you have any images from that trip which you would like included please send them to Lindsay to be added.
Firstly some good news for our Zoom meetings. Lostwithiel U3A has purchased a Pro Licence for Zoom so our meetings can carry on longer than 40 minutes without being interrupted.
Monday 2nd November - Photography Extra at 5pm. This meeting is a chance to look at our own and other photographers' images in greater depth than we are able to do on Thursday afternoons. It's an opportunity to extend your learning. This month anybody attending is encouraged to choose a favourite image of another member from any of the Galleries so that a little more explanation and discussion about the image can take place. You are welcome to attend without selecting an image but we love as many people as possible to get involved in this friendly discussion. 
If you would like to take part please email Lindsay by Saturday 5pm, she will then give you the name of another attendee so you can select any of their images from the three galleries on the website. All you have to do is have that picture open on your pc during the Zoom meeting on Monday.
Thursday  19th November - Platform Meeting at 2pm. The theme of this month's meeting is Autumn and Jane will chair the meeting. Please have a think in advance as to any activities you would like to get involved in next month or indeed next year.  Zoom logon details will follow nearer the time.
Thursday 26th November - Field Trip to Respryn. Details will follow nearer the time. POST MEETING NOTE - NOW CANCELLED DUE TO LOCKDOWN RESTRICTIONS
Saturday 28th November  - deadline for new images and other content for monthly update to the website.
David has been in touch with a company which provides online training as well as workshops around the UK and overseas. He is exploring the option of them providing some online training for members of our group if there is sufficient interest. Please take a look at their website and consider if this is something you would like David to pursue. We will discuss in more detail at The Platform meeting but do please send any feedback to David in the meantime via email so he can start to gauge interest.



Updates to website as at 28th September

On the website pages you will find updated content and all the dates and times you need for our upcoming events.

  • Jenny E's Wildflower Meadow continues to teem with life showing that Autumn isn't only the season of golden colours.

  •  There are new images in Gallery 2 and Rose's latest photographic blog is very local to her and shows how much inspiration there can be on what appears to be a barren rock platform. 

  • The last newsletter aptly includes the story of the journey in photography for a founder member of the group, Jenny E. You will also find all the dates of upcoming meetings and field trips in the newsletter.

Going forward we will be updating the website monthly so please make a note to send your images and other updates in time to publish on the last Monday in the month. In October this will be Monday 26th.

Our next Photography Extra meeting will be held on Monday 5th October at 5pm

This time the meeting will have a different format and Jenni C and Sue H will talk about photographers who have inspired them. We hope that you will find this interesting and even if you haven't before join us on the evening.

The next Platform meeting will be on Thursday 15th October at 2pm via Zoom. The theme for images is "Coastal". Zoom details will be sent nearer the time. The October field Trip is to Cardinham Woods, led by Jenny E, on Thursday 22nd. Again details will follow.


Platform Zoom Meeting 17th September 2020

The report and images from this meeting are available on the Platform Meeting page available from the link in the left hand menu


Updates to website as at 14th September

This week the update is rather long, but you will find it rewarding to keep going until the end. There is news of changes to our website as well the usual updates and information on upcoming meetings.

Gallery 2 has had a few new images added and Rose continues rambling as well as writing her photographic story for this issue of the newsletter. Jenny has found even more of interest in her wild flower meadow as Autumn approaches.

Seven members joined this month's Photography Extra meeting which kept the same format as last month's meeting - each person chose an image by another member from the online gallery and it was then discussed. Clips of a couple of those discussions are shown on the webpage.

The next time you look at the U3A Photography page you will see that we have carried out a little housekeeping! All the wonderful work which you have contributed during lockdown has been put safely under an umbrella page called Lockdown Archive so that we can look back proudly on our achievement.

As we move back towards more regular activities all the details of upcoming and completed meetings/ trips will be recorded on the relevant page accessed from the list on the left hand side of the page. If you just need a quick reminder of dates and times just look at the Diary page.

One new addition is currently called Members' Scrapbook - here we will post any snippets of photography related information which anybody would like to share.

We would like to know your views on this new layout so it will be on the agenda for the Platform meeting on Thursday. Please do have a look in advance and let us have any feedback.

The next Platform meeting will be on Thursday 17th September at 2pm via Zoom. The theme for images is Friendship.


Photography Extra Meeting  - Monday 7th September

A report of the meeting is on the Photography Extra page with video clips of some of the discussions.


Updates to website as at 31st August

In this week's update there is news of the latest updates to our website and information on upcoming "meetings".

The end of August means it is time for our final update from Jenny E's Wildflower Meadow. Right at the start of lockdown we asked Jenny if she could contribute something for the website from her meadow. This became a series of  informative and entertaining updates which now comprise 17 separate articles with 127 photographs - quite an achievement. On behalf of the whole group we would like to thank Jenny for her hard work each week.
Elsewhere you will find new images in Gallery 2 and Rose's latest photographic blog (another fantastic contributor to our online collection).
The latest newsletter  includes part 2 of David's journey in Photography and a further profile of one of the professional photographers we have worked with. You will also find all the dates of upcoming meetings and field trips in the newsletter.
Our next Photography Extra meeting will be held on Monday 7th September at 5pm. Following our last meeting members asked to repeat the same format for this month so if you would like to join the meeting please reply to this email by 6pm on Friday 4th September. Then
  • On Saturday 5th we will send out the details for the Zoom meeting and the name of the person whose image you are selecting. 
  • Before the meeting select an image submitted by that person to the Gallery on our website
  • Open the website on your PC or tablet before the Zoom meeting, right click or double click on the image to display in a larger format (normally on a separate tab)
  • During the meeting you will be asked to share your screen on Zoom so we can see your choice
  • The person who created the image will be asked to give a little detail as to their original intention
  • Other members will offer critique and/ or ask questions
We would like all attendees to be involved but if on this occasion you would like to join the meeting without selecting an image for critique please let us know.
The next Platform meeting will be on Thursday 17th September at 2pm via Zoom. The theme for images is Friendship. Zoom details will be sent nearer the time.
Finally if anybody is interested in getting involved with a U3A wide project on changes in their local high street please click the link to this article.

Platform Zoom Meeting 20th August 2020

The report and images from this meeting are available on the Platform Meeting page available from the link in the left hand menu


Updates to website as at 17th August

Welcome to the bi monthly update of the Lostwithiel U3A Photography Group website and news of our upcoming meetings.

On the website today you will find 
  • updates to Gallery 2
  • our second newsletter of the month with an insight into David Platt's start in photography and another of our professional photographer profiles,
  • Jenny E has more insect life from her meadow (maybe the penultimate one for this season),
  • season ending news in wildlife corner,
  • Rose's ramble to Rough Tor
  • and if you haven't already found it there is a review of our Photo Extra meeting held on Monday 3rd August further down this page with three clips from the review of images which you may find interesting if you weren't able to join us on the evening.
Just to remind you our Platform Zoom meeting is this coming Thursday 20th August at 2pm. The logon details for Zoom have been sent via email. The items to be covered are:
  • Plans for 24th September Field Trip
  • Revised locations and organisers for October and November field trips
  • Sharing any images on the theme of "MINIMAL" (please send up to two image files to Steph by 6pm on Wednesday 19th)
  • Planning for Photography Extra meeting on Monday 7th September
If you are not able to join us on Thursday we will post a meeting report on this webpage. 
The next update to the website will be on Monday 31st August so please do remember to send in any contributions by Sunday 30th.


Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 3rd August

This meeting is in addition to our regular Platform meeting and is open to all members. The purpose is to look at our own and other photographers' images in greater depth than we are able to do on Thursday afternoons. 

Yesterday was the first time we had held the meeting via Zoom. This time those attending were asked to choose their favourite image posted by another member to the website gallery. Using the wonder of Zoom we were able to display these images. We had an interesting discussion about six images including the photographer telling us about the camera technique used and any post processing work.  The discussions included reference to different techniques and learning points. The video clips below cover three of the images.

The overwhelming feedback was positive, that the evening was a good start to our new virtual existence. We will build on this for next month so if you didn't get to join in August please do so on the evening of Monday 7th September  


Updates to website as at 3rd August

Welcome to August and your fortnightly update from Lostwithiel U3A Photography Group. As ever we have plenty of content for you to enjoy over a cup of tea or glass of wine:

  • The Gallery has new images from nine members
  • A new month means a new newsletter including a fascinating article from Jane and another profile of a professional photographer the Group has used for a workshop
  • Rose is still exploring the North Coast and sharing some great images on the local blog
  • Jenny is still finding new information for us inspired by her meadow
  • Wildlife Corner has an update on our adopted House Martins and a new item on Jane and Peter's Bee Hotel.

Dates for your diary:

  • The next website update will be on Monday 17th August so please send us any contributions by Sunday 16th.
  • The next Zoom Platform meeting is on Thursday 20th August at 2pm. Logon details for Zoom will be sent out with the website update on the 17th. 
  • The next Photography Extra meeting via Zoom is tonight, the following one will be Monday 7th September at 6pm

If you are not joining us on Zoom tonight keep an eye on the main photography page on the website and we will post a review of the meeting there, possibly including a few video clips! Otherwise please keep taking photographs and sharing them with other members of the group - so many of you have said how much you enjoy looking at the variety of work and ideas from our members.


Updates to website as at 20th July

Did you miss your weekly update?! Not to leave you too bereft here is the fortnightly update most people asked for including the regular features of our wonderful gallery, Jenny's Meadow blog and Rose's rambles . An added bonus this week is our mid-month newsletter  which features a wonderful article by Heidi.

In a year of firsts for the Photography Group we held our first Platform meeting since February via Zoom last week. Twelve of us enjoyed a lively chat for 90 minutes, discussing a wide range of topics and reviewing several members' images via the Share Screen function. You can read a fuller report and watch a video excerpt of the meeting further down this webpage.

It was agreed that until we are able to meet indoors again we will replace our regular meetings with Zoom calls:-

  1. The Platform Meeting will continue as scheduled on the third Thursday of each month at 2pm. (next date 20th August)
  2. Photography Extra, when we look at photographs and discuss technique in more depth, will take place on the first Monday of each month at 6pm.  (next date 3rd August)

The details of each meeting will be emailed to all members in advance, including logon details for Zoom. Don't forget if you have not yet joined the world of Zoom let us know and we can talk you through a very simple process. By using Zoom we will be able to look at images, explore various types of software and see how different members process their images, and perhaps explore iphone apps for photography.

It was also agreed that Field Trips will restart formally in September once the number of visitors has reduced, and once any further change in restrictions relating to Covid are known. 

The next update to the website will be published on Monday 6th August so please do send your images by then. In the meantime if you have any other ideas of topics you would like to discuss or to add to the website please do let us know.

Next week we will send details of the Photography Extra meeting scheduled for 3rd August.


16th July Platform Zoom Meeting

In a year of firsts for the Photography Group we held our first Platform meeting since February via Zoom today. Twelve of us enjoyed a very convivial 90 minutes, discussing a wide range of topics and reviewing several members' images via the Share Screen function. 

Once we had all worked out the best way to view all the participants in the meeting we exchanged our usual banter and remarked how even the lack of hairdressers and barbers had not affected our good looks!


We had a discussion about some of the topics suggested for future meetings. One had caught the eye - "How much post processing is too much?". We had a general discussion about each person's view depending on their style of photography and particular interest.

It was agreed that Field Trips would restart formally in September once the number of visitors had reduced, and any further change in restrictions relating to Covid are known. 

Several members had submitted images so we took the opportunity to share these on screen so we could discuss them. This included a fascinating description from Jenni C about her images. A video of this part of the meeting is included below.



(A message from Rose for those at the Zoom meeting - the software she uses on her ipad is MOLDIV)

Lynda informed the group about the wide range of talks and workshops available via the RPS website. Many are free or available at negligible cost, even for non members. Lindsay also mentioned a group for female photographers called SheClicks which has run a number of very interesting talks which are available as videos now. Several members have used these online talks and workshops to improve their skills in the last few months so it was great to share these with each other.

We all agreed that Zoom was a great way to replace our Platform meetings for the next few months, and that we should take the same approach for our monthly Photography Extra meeting normally held on a Monday evening. The dates for the next meetings will be included in the fortnightly website update on Monday 20th July.



Updates to website as at 6th July

We've made it to Week 15! The quality of this week's contributions remains as high as ever so thank you all for taking part. Click on the sub pages to the left and you will find new content in The Gallery, the Wildflower Meadow blog, Virtual travel , Wildlife Corner and the staying local blog where we have some news from Jennie Barnes this week as well as Rose.

Below this update there is also a varied selection of images from our last field trip to Charlestown. It's always fascinating to find out what different people see at a location.

Thanks to those who completed our questionnaire about the way forward for the group as we move towards the summer. We had 14 responses with 11 people saying they would like to join a Zoom meeting of the group. We also received some great ideas for topics we could cover in the coming months:

  • Best spots in Cornwall for landscape.
  • How much post processing is too much!
  • How to : Instagram, Slide shows, phone camera pictures, spotlight on favourite photographer, sharing pictures
  • Perhaps critique some of our gallery photos, taking a specific subject each time - , flowers, macro, coastal, still life, methods to obtain unusual effects etc etc
  • Phone apps; share pictures and then post to gallery
  • Flowers/nature
  • Critique member's photos, discuss any items of interest that members have come across i.e. photographic techniques, photographers, tips on software/programmes etc
  • New software discoveries; further use of zoom within the group e.g internal learning sessions; "appetite" for social event e.g BBQ?

You also indicated that you had enjoyed the website updates over the last four months and that whilst we should continue to update pages we could reduce the frequency to fortnightly or monthly. In addition 10 people indicated that they would join field trips later in the year assuming it was possible to feel comfortable with social distancing. We will revisit this once the summer holidays have ended.

So what next? Our suggestion is that we continue to add content to the website as many people have said how much they enjoy it. We will, however, change this to a fortnightly update. Please do carry on sending anything you would like to contribute. We will gather your emails and update every fortnight. The next update will therefore be on July 20th.

In addition we will start monthly Zoom meetings on the same date as our scheduled Platform meetings. The first will take place on Thursday 16th July at 2pm. The day before the meeting we will email the link to join the meeting and the planned agenda. We would like to share images during the meeting so please do send us anything you wish to share in advance and we will be able to show it during the Zoom meeting. We can subsequently add these to the next Gallery update too.

Please do continue to get involved with the group over the summer. So many people have said how much it has meant to them to feel part of the group during lockdown. Let's keep going now!

Field trip - Monday 29th June 2020

This is the feeling you get when you get to spend a couple of hours with friends by the sea having fun with photography.

Once we return to a more normal routine of monthly field trips (you have to be hopeful don't you?) we would like to include a selection of members' images from that field trip showing the range and diversity of images our members take or make. Here is our first selection from the field trip to Charlestown.  Remember that if you want to see a larger version of the image you should be able to right click and open in a new tab or double click on the image depending on which technology you are using to veiw the webpage.



Steph Thomas




Heidi Swire



Lindsay Southgate



David Platt



Jasmina Goodair




Updates to website as at 29th June

Here is your weekly diet of photographic creativity from the members of Lostwithiel U3A Photography Group! Whether you start at the Gallery or go straight to the Meadow Blog, Wildlife Corner, with two updates this week, or the Staying local blog there is plenty to catch up on. Of course the start of a new month means a new newsletter so do have a look here too for a further profile of one of our professional photographer friends and an introduction to Instagram.

As we move into July and month four of what is loosely referred to as the "new normal" we feel it is time to consider how we keep the Photography Group a vibrant entity giving inspiration and pleasure to its members. We propose using online meeting software to introduce virtual Platform Meetings from this month (Thursday 16th July at 2pm should still be in your diary!).It is also timely, as lockdown eases, to review how often we update the website.


We are holding a further field trip this evening in Charlestown and will feature some images from that in next week's updates. At the moment we do not intend to schedule any further field trips until we are certain that numbers of people coming into the county do not make such trips inadvisable in the next few weeks.


In order to gauge interest and gather ideas we ask you to fill in this questionnaire by Friday 3rd July. We will inform everybody of the results next Monday and suggest a way forward given your responses.


Please do continue to send any content you would like added to the website.



Updates to website as at 22nd June

Last Wednesday was a momentous day for our photography group - we held a field trip! Five of us met at Colliford Lake for a socially distanced photo shoot of the submerged trees in the lake. You can see a photo of the team further down this page - and yes we do need haircuts!! We all agreed that it was great to get out and concentrate on our cameras for a couple of hours, putting all other concerns aside for a short while. In celebration of our relaunch we have a montage of images from our various field trips since 2014. This can be seen below. Although some of us do look older others have not changed at all!


This week's new additions to Gallery 2 include a few images from the field trip as well as many other great images from members too. Marion has taken up the challenge and has created her first slideshow of images from her recent trip to Malta. Rose has continued her rambles closer to home too, and Jenny has further updates from the Meadow. Finally there is more “nest news” in Wildlife Corner from Jasmina. 


Following on from the success of our field trip last week we would like to propose another - this time on Monday 29th June at 4pm at Charlestown where there are plenty of options for photography - from big seascapes to small details around the harbour. Again we will limit the group to 6 people and follow the required social distancing measures. If you would like to join us then please email Steph or Lindsay and further details will be sent out to you. If we are over subscribed we will try to hold two dates so all our members who wish to can enjoy a little near normality for a while.

As ever we will welcome your contributions to the website for next week. There will also be a newsletter for July so please do send any content, information or comments you would like included.


Field trip - Wednesday 17th June 2020

Yes, we managed a socially distanced field trip to Colliford Lake in spite of the weather! Five of your intrepid fellow members enjoyed exploring the shore of Colliford Lake, re-acquainting ourselves with our cameras after a good few weeks. Light at the end of the tunnel perhaps.


Updates to website as at 15th June

Today we are publishing week 13 of website updates aiming to keep all of our "photography juices" flowing during the Covid 19 pandemic. Thanks as ever for your continued support and interest.

Mid month means bonus newsletter time and we have a fascinating article from Jenni Cheesman on her approach to photography, and how she benefits from collaboration within the group. We also continue our spotlight on a professional photographer some of us have enjoyed workshops with over the last few years.


This week sees Rose continue her rambles, this time around her garden, and Jenny has some further stories from her meadow. She has also asked for any feedback as to whether she should just take pictures and cut down the information or whether she should continue as is. Please take a minute to give your views to Jenny and to thank her for her hard work over all these weeks of lockdown. (jennyedrich@hotmail.com)


Virtual Travel this week takes us above the Arctic Circle to Lofoten and includes some Northern Lights images too! Of course Gallery2 continues to evolve with a great selection of our members' images including, for the first time, a recipe! There is also further news from Jasmina's nest cams in WIldlife Corner


If the weather gods, which have so often smiled upon our field trips, oblige we hope to have a report next week of the first U3A Photography field trip since February. Five or six of us intend to explore Colliford Lake so let's hope we can bring you some images from there next week. It will also be a trial of the social distancing and other measures we have put in place.


Next week we are both attending an online Lightroom course on Monday so please may we have all your images and updates to the website by Sunday evening. Thank you in advance.



Updates to website as at 8th June

The calendar says June so it must be summer but the weather has certainly taken a cooler turn! It seems that this has given a few of you a little more time to spend on your photography rather than the garden as we have several more updates for you..


  • Gallery2 continues to grow and offers as much variety as usual.This week we have contributions from 14 of our members which is a great effort. Heaven forbid we should hold another exhibition! How will you choose which images to submit?

  • Jenny E has further images and updates from her Wildflower Meadow, and following Jane's example she has branched out into video. So if you need a little relaxation open up Jenny's video in full screen and full volume and RELAX!

  • This week's Virtual Travel takes us on a wonderful trip to New Zealand courtesy of Jasmina who has also provided us with more content for Wildlife Corner from her House Martin nest.

  • Rose is continuing her rambles around North Cornwall too.


Possible Outdoor Activities

As we enter June and restrictions are eased slightly there are a number of options available to get back in the open air.


Lanhydrock and Heligan are now open for those with pre-booked slots. Lindsay & Keith have tried both locations and found both to be very well organised so felt very safe. On two occasions they enjoyed perfectly isolated walks at Lanhydrock where the grounds and gardens are looking beautiful. Eden is opening this week with a similar booking scheme. Many gardens are also operating schemes where you pre-book your "slot" online. 


We have also taken the opportunity during recent good weather, and since the relaxation of restrictions, to visit some north coast locations in the evening. We found Bedruthan, West Pentire and Wheal Coates to be deserted after 6pm and enjoyed a couple of hours of peaceful and safe photography which cheered our spirits no end after the last few months.  


Jenny Edrich is willing to share her meadow with a couple of people at a time, again applying all social distancing rules. Jenny can be contacted on 01208 873349 and she suggests you call her to discuss details.


Obviously each of us must consider our own personal circumstances before deciding on any form of outing, but if you would be interested in meeting three or four other people in an outdoor setting in the next couple of weeks perhaps you could reply to this week's email. We can assess interest and consider setting up a suitable meeting.


Thanks as ever for all your input to the website. We hope you are enjoying the variety of content and would ask that you keep sending your images or other ideas. Don't forget - even if you have not been able to capture any new images we are still looking to feature images from previous workshops so get those images in for next Monday please!





Updates to website as at 1st June

We are delighted to start with some good news this week - Jane and Peter's blue tit nest survived and the remaining two chicks fledged last week. The final footage is on Wildlife Corner. Thanks to Jane and Peter for sharing this with us over recent weeks.

Talking of recoveries we have managed to re-instate all the images in Gallery1 from the end of March so they can all be seen again. Gallery2 continues to offer a great variety of subject matter and styles this week.

This remarkable weather looks set to continue and Jenny E has remarked that her wildflower meadow is a good two weeks ahead of normal. Read her updated blog here. Once again Rose has taken advantage of the weather and shares another of her rambles on the Staying local blog.

Thanks to all those who dug through their archives and picked out their favourite images from workshops. We are planning a series of short features in the next few weeks on those professional photographers we have benefited from. In this week's newsletter Roland has shared with us his experience of workshops, and we have a mini spotlight on two old friends - David Chapman and Ross Hoddinott. Many of this weeks images in Gallery2 refer to these two tutors so it is lovely to see the impact they have had on the group over the years.

Those still longing to travel virtually can see some more images from the Outer Hebrides this week. Lindsay has selected some different images from the ones Steph shared previously to show how different people see different images in similar surroundings.

Please feel free to send more of your favourite workshop images or stories this week, or any other content you would like to share. We would also welcome any of your images for the Gallery.

Until then enjoy this amazing weather and stay safe please


Updates to website as at 25th May

Who'd have thought, way back in March, that we would reach week 10 in our group effort to maintain new weekly content for the webpage?  Initially our aim was to make lockdown more bearable by encouraging interaction between photography group members. Thanks to your efforts and contributions we are still able to offer fresh content this and every week which we think is a pretty impressive group effort. Well done to everyone. We do, however, need your continuing support so please do read to the last paragraph of this email (or skip straight to it of you prefer!)

Over recent weeks we have often mentioned the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. This week we have several good examples of this:

  • A new sub-page for this week, Wildflowers of the Alentejo, will take you to a beautiful book which Lynda has created whilst in lockdown in Portugal. 
  • The Virtual Travel page offering this week is from Jasmina's trip to Bangkok. She has also written a short introduction on how she set about producing a slideshow for the first time.
  • The Staying local blog has a further ramble from Rose and also an update from David on some other new skills he is learning.
  • The Gallery continues to display a wide range of your work and interests. In fact the gallery has grown to such a size that we nearly broke the U3A website (oops) so we have created a second Gallery page, simply entitled Gallery2. We have a little housekeeping to do to retrieve some of the initial images into Gallery1 and we will try and do that for next week. Don't worry we have not lost the images, we just cannot display them all at the moment!
  • Jenny E continues to share her knowledge of flora and fauna with some fascinating insight into insects this week in the Meadow blog
  • Sadly there is bad news in Wildlife Corner as our nest has failed. Jane has, however, suggested an alternative site you might like to look at for similar "nestcams".

Not surprisingly we have been in contact with Victoria Hilman and Ross Hoddinott to cancel the two workshops which were coming up next month. The good news is that both of these events have been re-scheduled for next year.

  • Victoria will run a wild flower workshop in Somerset on Thursday 17th June 2021
  • Ross will run a workshop concentrating on butterflies at Upton Towans on the afternoon and evening of Monday 21st June 2021.

Booking will open nearer the time, but it is great to have those dates rescheduled, and to be able to support at least two of the very many professional photographers who have lost so much work in the last few months.


For those of you interested in trying out some new software, David has told us of a time limited offer for Aurora HDR.  The link is:- skylum.com/ap-aurora. Available free for Mac & PC but only until 29th May 2020. They just require your name & email address (which you then confirm on a second email & receive the download links).


We will finish this week's update with the usual request for feedback and/or more content for next week. As we look forward to coming out the other side of lockdown we would like to focus on your favourite workshop photos next week. So please, if you have been on a photo workshop, either with the U3A or elsewhere, send us a couple of your favourite images from that event and perhaps a few words about what you got out of it or what you would like to try next. Let's make sure we keep going virtually until we can meet again physically!




Updates to website as at 18th May

We hope you have had a safe week and that maybe some of you were able to take advantage of the slight easing in the lockdown restrictions. There was still time for photography of course so here is your weekly update :-


  • From your emails we know many of you are enjoying the variety of images in the gallery. Don’t forget if you want to see a larger version of any of the images you should be able to right click or double tap to achieve this depending on the device you are viewing on.

  • There are also updates to the Wildflower Meadow blog and Wildlife Corner . Huge thanks to Jenny and Jane who both put in a large amount of work each week to keep the content on these up to date. Both have said that they have enjoyed learning new skills and facts too.

  • Rose has continued her theme of Staying local with another lovely collection of images. It’s great to see how different people collate and present their work. Rose uses an iPad for all her editing which just shows what a great tool these are - in the right hands of course!

  • If the Virtual Travel page doesn’t make you too sad, then this week we are offering a tour of Southern Iceland from Lindsay’s latest trip there in February. 

  • One of the benefits of lockdown has been an extra newsletter each month! Part 2 of May brings you a few recommendations on very different photographers, including a description by Sue of a photographic trip to London. 

  • On that theme you may also like to take a look at Bosham Gallery which was due to be holding an exhibition by Charlie Waite, a renowned photographer and founder of Light and Land, a photography tours company. The gallery has put the exhibition online and included a video of a discussion with Charlie about “Hidden Works”. You are required to give your name and email address but the exhibition is then free to view. A future exhibition is planned here for Steve McCurry, an American photographer, freelancer and photojournalist. His photo "Afghan Girl", of a girl with piercing green eyes, has appeared on the cover of National Geographic several times.


So plenty to keep you entertained over a cuppa or glass of wine this week. Please do send your feedback and any contributions you may have for future weeks.


Until next week stay safe, well and alert,



Updates to website as at 11th May

We hope you are all still safe and well, and staying active. You have certainly still been working on your photography - either new projects or images from your back catalogues!

The updates available on our web page this week start with great news:-

  • We have chicks!! Have a look at the Wildlife Corner to see fabulous footage of the newly hatched chicks and the busy parents feeding them with outrageously sized insects!
  • The Staying Local blog has several new updates from members. Some of you are using these strange times to learn new skills so perhaps we could all be inspired to do something similar this week.
  • When you want to lose yourself for a few minutes pop over to The Virtual Travel page where Steph has given us a real taste of the Hebrides this week
  • Jenny has some further updates from the Wildflower Meadow, including a visitor in the moth trap
  • And last but by no means least our popular Gallery now contains nearly 200 images. The breadth and diversity of subject matter is just wonderful.

Do please keep sending your contributions this week  - there is always room for more. As ever if you need any help with how to put something together or how to transfer large files to us do please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Until next Monday have a good week and stay safe,


Updates to website as at 4th May

Welcome to your weekly dose of photographic delights! We hope you and yours continue to stay safe and well, and that the regular updates to the U3A Photography webpage bring you a moment of light relief at least.

Once again this week we have a number of updates to the webpage:

  • The gallery is filled with yet more amazing images from our talented members. Just seeing the variety which you create or bring out of your archives each week is really inspiring
  • Jane and Peter have more news from our adopted blue tit nest in Wildlife Corner
  • The Wildflower Meadow page has also been updated by Jenny E who is also providing such lovely images each week to accompany her blog
  • The Staying Local blog has sparked interest from a few of you so there are updates there too.
  • This week the Virtual Travel page takes us to the beautiful city of Venice courtesy of David.
  • We also have a newsletter attached for you this week as it is the start of another new month. In it Kathryn has shared some of her experiences in preparing for her LRPS assessment.  

Please, please,please do keep sending your contributions for next week. If you haven't yet sent something in - it's never too late to join in! Feel free to email us if you need some help sending items in.


If you would like to see how other U3A's are continuing their activities have a look here at Ilkley U3A who have moved their exhibtion online instead of cancelling it.!


Finally - they say the sincerest from of flattery is imitation. well the U3A Garden Visit group have seen our work and decided to create a gallery of images from their gardens or their daily walks. So do pop over to their page and have a look as that develops too.


Until next week stay safe and keep sending us your images!



Updates to website as at 27th April

Another Monday, another raft of updates for you on the U3A Photography webpage.

Thanks again to all those who have sent content for this week - we are sure you'll enjoy the variety of subject matter and want to linger for a few minutes looking at others' great work.

So for this week the updates are:

-on the Gallery images with a wide range of subjects and styles

-the Wildflower Meadow page has more fascinating information and images from Jenny E.

-there is progress in Wildlife Corner.........

-for those fancying a bit of escapism the Virtual Travel page includes a video of some images Lindsay took in the Provence lavender fields last year.

-and finally a great new page idea from Rose  - the Staying local blog. Please take a look and if you would like to have a go at something similar please do send us your words and pictures for next week.


A couple of other items that may interest you are:

We would love more content from you for next week whether it be a couple of images for the gallery or virtual travel or even a stay local blog.


Updates to website as at 20th April

Although these Monday afternoons certainly do seem to come around quickly we have several updates for you this week:


Jenny E has sent further news from her wildflower meadow along with an admission. She says "I have to say by studying the meadow in such detail, I'm finding out new facts myself!"


In the Wildlife Corner Lynda has sent footage of the huge variety of birds visiting her pond in Potugal, and Jane & Peter have updates on the blue tit nest and the hedgehogs. 


On the Virtual Travel page Lynda has shared some great images from a trip to Canada. We have some more travel lined up for next week too. If you would like to know how to put together a slideshow like this using Lightroom do ask and we can provide some instructions.


We have included a bonus April newsletter this week with some further information, hints and tips. This is attached and also available on the website as usual.


Last but by no means least is our wonderful gallery which this week contains images from no fewer than 16 members. If you haven't yet sent any please do join in and send some by next Monday lunchtime for inclusion in next week's gallery.


We would also like to bring your attention to a new page on the Lostwithiel U3A website accessible from the main page - Covid -19 Links. It has details of many activities available on all sorts of subjects and contains many useful links. If you have any others you think should be added here for our wider Lostwithiel U3A membership please send them to Lindsay and she will arrange for them to be added.


We look forward to your feedback on this week's updates, and your contributions to next week.



Updates to website as at 13th April

Once again thank you for all your entries for this week's magnificent gallery. This is now updated and available for you to view on the website (Gallery page)


You will also be able to see an update from Jenny E on the progress of her wildflower meadow and its visitors (insects and animals in case you thought she was breaking any rules!) (Flower meadow blog)


For those following Jane and Peter's blue tit nest there is an update on the Wildlife Corner page too. (Wildlife corner)


This week's brand new content is courtesy of David Platt who took an amazing trip to Alaska a few years ago. We may not be able to travel at the moment, but we can go on a virtual journey with David's beautiful images.(Virtual travel) We have a few more items like this if you would find them interesting- do please let us know.


You can access all of these pages via the links provided or from the page menu down the left hand side of the U3A Photography page itself.


As ever, we welcome more images from you for next week, and if you have any other ideas or requests for info do please get in touch. 


Thank you for the feedback on the work we are doing to keep everybody involved. We woud love even more of our members to contribute content so please don't be shy in coming forward with your contributions.


Until next week take care and stay safe,



Happy Easter

Jenny Edrich has asked us to pass on Easter wishes to you all with this lovely image. Thanks Jenny!


Update on Gallery as at 6th April

Well, what a clever bunch you are! The contributions to this week's Gallery are superb - once again so varied, showing the breadth of talent in our small group. Do please keep sending in your images, and if you haven't yet sent any it's never too late to join the party.

When you look at the U3A photography webpage you will also see a new option added to the left hand menu. Our new feature this week is Wildlife Corner. Several of our members have cameras installed to follow the adventures of any creatures popping into their gardens, and they have shared some footage with us via this page. Jane and Peter also have a camera installed in a nesting box so we will follow the adventures of their blue tits as the season progresses.

If you want to see even more Peter and Caroline have a page on Facebook called Wild Silverlake on which they post images.

David Platt has suggested that with the prospect of clear & non-polluted skies, there is a unique opportunity to include the new “Super Pink Moon” in images this Tuesday/Wednesday. This promises to be the “brightest & best” for many a year coming at a time when the moon is 30% closer to the earth. Scope for the U3A Photography “Gallery”? For more details please see

this article

For next week please do send more images, Jenny E hopes to have an update from the flower meadow, and we are also looking to add even more content to the website. Thanks for all the feedback so far but do continue to get in touch of you have any ideas or suggestions.

Stay safe but keep taking pictures!


Update on newsletter as at 1st April

The April newsletter is a little earlier in the month than usual because, as a response to social isolation and lock down, Lindsay and I thought you might enjoy some creative photographic ideas. The newsletter contains advice from Jasmina on bird photography in your garden, inspirational online resources from Peter and other ideas to fill your time when such things as cleaning, decorating and gardening become too dull.


Update on Gallery as at 31st March

We are absolutely thrilled with the response to our invitation to send in two images a week for the Gallery on the Photography page of the U3A website -  available by clicking on the word Gallery to the left of this page . Looking at this week's selection makes us so proud to be part of this amazing group of photography friends. If you would like to see the images in a larger format there are various ways to do this - right click in most browsers or double click on a tablet.


Please do send more for next week. You can email jpgs to either of us using the email addresses at the foot of this message. Ideally please resize them to 1080 pixels on the longest edge but if that is gobbledygook to you just send them and we will resize them for you!


Another exciting addition to our webpage is a blog which we have asked Jenny Edrich to write. Many of you will have visited Jenny's flower meadow in recent years. As it is unlikely that we will have the chance to do so this year we asked Jenny to keep us up to date with its progress virtually. We have tidied up the webpage by taking off some redundant pages and adding a subpage for Jenny's blog accessible by clicking on the tab to the left of this page.


Finally please keep an eye out in your inbox later this week for April's newsletter which has input from several of our members.


Update on Gallery as at 24th March

In these strange and worrying times it’s good to have something to enjoy and that’s what out new members gallery is all about, enjoying our photography during this period of social isolation. 

The gallery is the top tab on our group page of the Lostwithiel U3A website. If you want to view the image a little larger how you do this depends on how you are viewing the webpage:

  • most browsers work with a right click of the mouse on the image. Mac users can then choose how to view e.g. new window
  • iPhones and iPads work with a double tap or expanding the screen with two fingers.

If you are using another device there’s bound to be a way so let us know any tips for other members. 

Positive critiques of the photos are welcome. You could use the guidance from the last newsletter, or just say why you like the picture or what, for you, would make it even better. Send you words to either of us and we’ll add them to the pictures.

We all know that oak trees grow from small acorns and we’re expecting, with your help, that the gallery will grow week by week. Just send us more of your pictures by next Monday and we’ll share them in the gallery by Tuesday. If you’d like to try something new how about taking social isolation as a topic.

Keep safe and well


Update on Coronavirus Covid 19 as at 19th March

To support the strong government advice that we should practice social isolation, avoiding gatherings with friends and staying out of public spaces where coronavirus could be transmitted all photography group activities are immediately cancelled for the foreseeable future. To be clear we are cancelling the Charlestown field trip planned for Thursday 26th March and all group activity afterwards until we are given a Covid 19 all clear by the government.


Update on meetings as at 15th March

I am sure you have had various communications regarding the virus outbreak from other groups and activities you are involved in. We have been monitoring events over the last few days before deciding how to proceed with photography group activities given the current situation .

As of today we believe the best course of action is to cancel Platform meetings where we are in a confined space, but we will continue to run our field trips to outdoor, open venues.

We have also decided to delay the ballot for the upcoming workshops with Ross Hoddinott and Victoria Hillman until we can be more certain when they will go ahead.

We believe that each of us must take responsibility for their own health and well-being so please do not come on a field trip if you have any underlying health concerns or feel ill in any way. If, however, you feel that you would benefit from being in the open air then please join us at Charlestown on Thursday 26th March. The details are on the photography page of the U3A website but I suggest that we meet at the entrance to the car park instead of the cafe so that those who do not want to use the cafe need not do so. 

Obviously we will update this information as and when advice changes so please keep an eye out for emails and updates on the webpage. We hope that you will feel we have acted responsibly and proportionately at this time. In the meantime keep safe and maybe learn a few photography processing skills via the internet!



March Update

The February newsletter is now published and can be accessed from the In Focus Newsletter tab on the left.

There is lots to look forward to in March. Plans include:

  • Monday 9th March: Photography Extra meeting in the Platform room at 6.00pm. This is an opportunity to discuss our images in greater detail. Do bring along your prints or images on a USB stick.
  • Thursday 19th March is our regular Platform meeting when Jasmina will share her Australian Experience and we'll share our flower pictures.
  • Thursday 26th March is our field trip to Charlestown. The information sheet may be accessed from the field trip tab on the left.


February Field Trip 

The photography gods were shining on us once more as we enjoyed beautiful sunshine and dry weather for our February field trip to Lanhydrock Gardens. Eight members enjoyed the colour of the daffodils, magnolias, camelias and even the odd clump of snowdrops which had survived the worst of Storms Ciara and Dennis. We all agreed it was lovely to have the sun on our backs as we tried everything from traditional flower photography to macro to multiple exposures to "contre jour". The group all enjoyed the camaraderie of working together to learn different techniques. Inevitably we also tried out the offerings of the Stable Tea Rooms and enjoyed a good chat over lunch!





February Platform Meeting - The Weather 

A few sample images from our members presented at the last meeting

Jane Perris


Peter Tandy


Rose Cross Rose Cross



February update

Snowdrops and other flowers at Lanhydrock field trip: on the 27th the plan is to meet by the gatehouse at the entrance to house and gardens at 10.30am.

At Lanhydrock there are extensive gardens and with year-round colour including in the higher and woodland gardens snowdrops, daffodils, camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons.

Further information, including parking, fees and hints about flower photography is on the field trip sheet. Just click on the left.


February plans

The January newsletter has been published - access this from the In Focus Newsletters tab on the left hand side of this page. 

Plans for February include

  • Monday 10th Februrary - Photography Extra at 6pm in The Platform. A chance to look at some of our images in a little more depth, and to offer assistance to any member working towards an RPS distinction.
  • Thursday 20th February - Platform Meeting at 2pm. Steph will share some of her images from a recent Hebrides trip.
  • Thursday 29th February - Snowdrops and other flowers at Lanhydrock. The field trip sheet containing more details will be posted in the tab to the left of this page shortly.


Fieldtrip to Davidstow and Roughtor


 A typical January day for our fieldtrip this month but we made the most of the moody conditions and were thrilled to see a brilliant display of murmurations at Roughtor




First Platform meeting of the year - Thursday 16th January at 3pm

First field trip of 2020 - Thursday 23rd January. Davidstow Airfield and RoughTor Starling Murmuration
Organised by Jenny E


 2019 Exhibition is live!

On Friday we were so pleased to see Peter Bland open our 2019 Exhibition at Shire Hall in Bodmin. Pictures from the event are available to view in the 2019 Exhibition tab to the left of this page.

An online version of the exhibition catalogue is available from the top menu bar of the main Lostwithiel U3A webpage  Simply click on the tab “Expo” in the yellow menu bar at the top of the page 


November/December newsletter is published!

The November/December edition of our newsletter can now be read by clicking on the "In Focus Newsletter" tab to the left of the page, as well as all previous 2019 copies.


Dawn at Porlock Weir

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to join five photographers and caddy Maggie for a workshop trip to Exmoor. This was to be my first experience of a dawn to dusk day out with my camera and the chance to receive expert advice from professional photographer, Ross Hoddinott.

Ross had planned an itinerary to visit five beauty spots during the day, all ideal places for me to learn new skills, weather permitting. The day started well at Porlock Weir, a fine morning with little wind. Ross kindly brought along filters for me to use with my camera and I soon discovered the art of setting up the histogram and adjusting the filters to obtain the correct exposure. It was great fun!

Sue H


Update 29th Sept

The latest edition of our newsletter, In Focus, has been published. This, and all previous copies, can be read by clicking on the "in Focus newsletter" tab to the left of this page

September 2019 newsletter