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Poetry GroupCurrently, our meetings are held monthly every 1st Friday of each month at 10.30am in the Reading Room at the Lostwithiel Community Centre.  

Contact the Group Leader

Group contact: Josephine Child

Telephone: 01208 871284

Update 7th February 2024

These are the next two topics for our meetings.  As it will be St. David's Day on the 1st March, the topic will be will be Wesh Poets. 

On  the 5th April,  the subject will be Childhood.

Update 4th December 2023

Our next meeting is on 5th January 2024 and,  as it falls on the eve of Epiphany, we will be reading The Coming of the Kings, a play by Ted Hughes.

Update 1st October 2023

Our next meeting is on 6th October and the subject is Meetings and Partings

Update 14th July 2023

We have decided to have a break in August.  Our next meeting will be on 1st September and the subject is Humorous Poetry

Update 6th April 2023

Our next Poetry Group meeting is on Friday 14th April at 10.30am at the Community Centre. The subject is New Beginnings.

Update 25th November 2022

Our next meeting will be on Friday 2nd December at 10.30am in the Community Centre.  Our guest speaker will be local poet Derek Hines who will talk about his book "The Fawi".

Update 8th November 2022

The theme for November is "Remembrance and War Poets (But not necessarily war poems)


Update 1st March 2022

We have now found a suitable venue for the Poetry Group.  We will be meeting on the second Friday of each month in the Long Room at Lostwithiel Community Centre.  The next meeting will be on Friday 11th March and the subject will be Spring. 



Update 22nd November 2021

The next meeting of the poetry group is on Friday 10th December at 10.30 am. at The Royal Oak.  The subject is American Woman Poets. 


Update 14th January 2020

At our meeting on Valentines Day (Friday 14 February) we will look at love poems.







Update 17th December 2019

Owing to logistic  difficulties, the meeting scheduled for Friday 13th December was held informally in a local coffee shop and not the Platform Meeting Room.

Hence at our next meeting on Friday 10th January 2020  we will discuss Humorous Poetry.

This re-run of the meeting allows the opportunity to repost this wonderful video from Simon Armitage.



Update 10th November 2019


The topic for our meeting on Friday 13th Dec will be  Humorous Poetry,



Update 1st  October 2019

The topic for our meeting on Friday 11th October will be "The Sea"



Update 26th August  2019

At our meeting on Friday 13th September we will be discussing the new Poet Laureate, Simon Armitage



Update 10th July 2019

The subject for Friday 12th July will be animals
Image Credit:  flickr/ jacquelinewtp (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)