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February 2021


Wonderful still life in acrylic by Anne.

Family tree by Heidi. Acrylic ink and acrylic paint pens.

Macrame necklaces - Marion's Xmas present!

An experiment in ink separation, highlighters on kitchen towel roll and then water put on them to see how the colours run. Well done Jas.


A collage (magazines and string) of the 'welcome home' trees on the A30 by Rose. 

What can you make with post-it notes, wallpaper and ribbon? Loving it, Rose.


Rose playing with bubbles and food dye.


A graphite pencil drawing by Heidi for her Mum at Xmas.

Jas is using old Xmas cards for present labels.

Food dye and Rose's finger.

Part 1 - poster paints.

Part 2 - knocked back with white gesso.



Part 3 - stencil with paint pens and sharpies. A good mix from Heidi.

A lovely bright collage by Rose. The back ground is a black and white photo of Rose's garden wall and the sunflower is from a magazine.

Crochet 'news boy' hat by Heidi. Another pressie for her Mum!



December 2020 and January 2021


Anne has painted this poinsettia card


Another lovely close up poinsettia card from Anne


Bored with normal decs, Heidi decided to crochet around some baubles, and made a crochet star



Jas’s first go with watercolour pencils were her ‘magic’ mushrooms!

Jas’s second go was a robin


With some Vistaprint magic, Jas’s robin became Xmas cards

A Xmas star made of wood and painted red on one side by Marion


And Marion used a patchwork of material on the other side

Rose fashioned a book tree, sprayed painted it and added a star on top


And here, Rose shows us how to make the book tree