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This meeting is in addition to our regular Platform meeting and is open to all members. The purpose is to look at our own and other photographers' images in greater depth than we are able to do on Thursday afternoons. A great opportunity to extend your learning.


Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 1st February 2021

Another great turnout for our online Photography Extra meeting this month. 13 members enjoyed presentations by Jenni C and Lynda on various options for selection tools in Adobe Photoshop. We all felt we had learned a lot and, hopefully, are inspired to have go at things we'd often wondered about!


Lynda has kindly written down some instructions which you can use alongside the video. CLICK HERE to read the document.

Next month Sue will share how she makes use of "Place embedded" in Photoshop to create some of her images, and Lynda will show how she uses the Eraser tool in Photoshop.


Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 4th January 2021

Eleven enthusiastic photographers took advantage of Zoom to meet and discuss how to improve those images we loved as we clicked the shutter release, but were disappointed when we viewed them at home. The images ranged from ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) to landscapes. This month's clip illustrates the informative and helpful discussion of two landscape images shown by Jasmina and contains many hints and tips that are useful to use on our daily lockdown walks, even using our phones.



Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 7th December

A great turnout for our evening meeting this month as ten members met online to see a demonstration of Color Grading in Lghtroom, as well as Perspective Warp in PS and the Transform tool in LR. This month's video clip shows a fine piece of teamwork as Jane explained Perspective Warp and Jenni C added an extra few tips at the end!


It was agreed that we should repeat this type of presentation in the future on other processing tools. For the January meeting those attending are asked to submit a picture they would like help with - teamwork in action!




Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 2nd November

This month members had chosen to continue our review of images on the website galleries. Seven of us enjoyed a wide ranging discussion on differing images without any time restrictions due to our new Zoom licence! Of particular interest was the discussion about using LR and PS to correct converging vertical lines on buildings. This video clip gives a good flavour of the evening's discussion.

Next month Jane and Lindsay will demonstrate the Perspective Warp and Transform tools in Photoshop and Lightroom to correct distortion and Steph will give an overview of the new Color Grading tool in the latest release of Lightroom.


Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 5th October

This month's Photo Extra meeting was a great example of the variety of interests in our group and how different genres can be appreciated and can inspire people to look beyond their own interests.

Sue introduced us to Anderson & Low, in particular a book they published of B&W nude images of leading international athletes . The examples Sue showed us were absolutely beautiful and we all appreciated the skill and artistry in the images. As a contrast Sue also shared some images from Martin Parr.
Jenni C explained how several years ago she found inspiration from a website called ephotozine. This is a site where amateur photographers share their images and receive feedback in a very constructive way. Jenni then introduced some work by Glenys Garnett, a photographer and teacher who has given many tutorials to various bodies during lockdown, many of which some members have enjoyed.
We all agreed it had been a fascinating meeting and something we would like others to repeat at future meetings. Sadly we only had 40 minutes for this meeting on "free Zoom" but we are hoping to either get a U3A licence or if not we will send out two invites next time so we can spend longer discussing images and not feel so rushed.
It was agreed that at the next Photo Extra meeting on 2nd November we would choose images from our own Gallery to discuss. Details will follow at the end of the month.


Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 7th September

Seven members joined this month's meeting to continue the format of last month's meeting - each person chose an image by another member from the online gallery and it was then discussed. Clips of a couple of those discussions are shown on the videos below.

The meeting agreed that the time of 5pm for this meeting would continue for the moment. A discussion was held as to further options for developing our critique of photography. It was agreed that a variety of techniques would be used such as:

- each member intriducing one of their images conforming or not to a particular technique (ie rule of thirds)

-members introducing each other to the work of a photographer they admire

- returning to the format of this meeting described above.

Next month's meeting will be on Monday 5th October at 5pm via Zoom. At that meeting Sue and Jenni C will each spend about 15 minutes introducing us to a photographer they admire.


Photography Extra Zoom Meeting - Monday 3rd August

Yesterday was the first time we had held the meeting via Zoom. This time those attending were asked to choose their favourite image posted by another member to the website gallery. Using the wonder of Zoom we were able to display these images. We had an interesting discussion about six images including the photographer telling us about the camera technique used and any post processing work.  The discussions included reference to different techniques and learning points. The video clips below cover three of the images.

The overwhelming feedback was positive, that the evening was a good start to our new virtual existence. We will build on this for next month so if you didn't get to join in August please do so on the evening of Monday 7th September