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This is the group's monthly meeting at which plans are made for Field Trips and Workshops, and images are shared on a pre-selected theme. It is the main planning and review meeting of the group.


Platform Zoom Meeting 18th Febuary 2021

Our second meeting of 2021 was a record breaker with 32 Spring Flower images shared.

The pandemic regulations mean that we had no field trips to plan so Heidi, chair, was able to remind members of March meetings and website update deadline before the meeting enjoyed a extended perusal of Spring Flowers. It was fascinating to see the diversity and creativity of the pictures, especially given that the weather has conspired to limit the number of blooms out in gardens.

We all agreed to wait and see what the government roadmap, to be published next week, allows before discussing future outdoor activities.

The next Zoom Platform meeting is Thursday 18th March at 2pm. The chair is Jasmina and the theme for images is Spring.

Remember other important dates are on the diary page of the website.




Platform Zoom Meeting 21st January 2021

The first meeting of the New Year saw a great turnout of 18 members.

As usual business was rapidly dispatched so we could concentrate on images:

  • All field trips are on hold pending easing of lockdown. It was agreed not to make any future plans at the moment.
  • The next Photo Extra meeting is at 5pm on Monday1st feb when Jenni C and Lynda will give a demonstration of "Using the Photoshop Selections Tool"
  • Meeting chairs for the next 3 months were agreed ( Feb - Heidi, March - Jasmina, April - Jane)
  • The theme for images at next month's meeting is "Spring Flowers"

The range of images shared under the theme of "New" was excellent. Amongst other things they included ICM, abstract, views from your home, using mirrors to reflect objects and many more. The extract of the meeting shown below covers two very different types of image as you will see when you watch - both ingenious and thought provoking!



Platform Zoom Meeting 17th December 2020

Our Platform finale for 2020 was a successful Zoom meeting chaired by David and attended by 12 members.

We began with routine business matters:

    • the field trip on 28th January will be to Respryn and Lanhydrock and led by Lindsay and Steph. Depending on numbers there will be up to two starting points, Respryn car park and the main Lanhydrock House car park. More details in the New Year;
    • the 25th of February field trip will be to Port Isaac, organised by Sue;
    • the theme of the Photography Extra meeting on the 4th of January is "Improving Pictures". It's about sharing images you'd like to work on further;
    • we were reminded that the next website update is 25th January 2021. Images for the gallery should be sent to Lindsay or Steph by noon on the 23rd January 2021;
    • we talked about the need to save space on the website by sending pictures with a file size below 250kb. There will be help to do this at a future meeting. Some of the pictures from Platform meetings are now shared as a video clip, see the link below;
    • Roland kindly volunteered to chair the next meeting, 21st January 2021. The topic is NEW.

David gave an update about the Aspect2 online training on 9th February 2021. 21 members have expressed an interest. The exciting development is that some of us will be able to submit our photographs to be worked on and critiqued during the workshop.

18 diverse Still Life images were shared. Flowers were a popular theme. There were some staged arrangements including the use of black perspex sheet for reflection, draped fabrics and Photoshop embedding technique.


Platform Zoom Meeting 19th November 2020

It may have been the sunniest afternoon of the week, but 10 members stayed in the warm for our meeting chaired by Jane.

We were reminded that, due to Covid 19 restrictions on social gatherings, the field trip planned for the 26th is cancelled. We went on to agree to cancel the 24th of December field trip and so the next field trip will be on 22nd of January to Respryn and Lanhydrock, obviously this is dependent on the pandemic lockdown arrangements in place in the New Year.

David has been investigating the possibility of some high quality Zoom training sessions with aspect2i click here. We agreed that he should arrange a presentation by the company on the choice of training sessions they offer at the next platform meeting.

Jane reminded us that the next website update is the 30th November so images for the Gallery should be sent to Lindsay or Steph by noon on the 29th November. Also that the next Zoom Photography Extra meeting is on Monday the 7th December at 5 pm. The topics arising from the critique session in November are the Perspective Warp and Transform tools in Photoshop and Color Grading in Lightroom.

The theme for images to be submitted for the December Platform meeting is “Still Life”. And David will be in the chair.

25 images on the theme of “Autumn” where shown. A video clip of the images and discussion is at the end of this report.

Heidi introduced us to her new group called “Art Experiments” where members will be encouraged to investigate how various crafts especially, but not wholly, those which use photographs as inspiration. Further information is on the Lostwithiel u3a website click here.



Platform Zoom Meeting 15th October 2020

The weather might've finally taken a turn for the better, but there was great turnout of 10 members for our meeting today  

We agreed that next Thursday's Field Trip, on the 26th October, will start at 10am from the main car park at Cardinham Woods. Once again please do let us know if you are able to come on the trip as we will be meeting in groups of 6. If necessary we will have multiple groups. Contact details for Steph and Jenny E will be emailed to all members. Again, members are reminded that they must consider their personal circumstances given the current situation with Covid 19 and the Tier 1/ Medium Risk Area we are in.  

In addition we agreed that the Field Trip, on the 26th November, would be to Respryn and Lanhydrock Woods. Some discussion was held about December and we will revisit ideas at the next Platform meeting. It seems unwise to plan too far ahead right now!

The theme for images to be submitted for the November Platform meeting is "Autumn" in its broadest sense! Jane will be chairing that meeting.

16 images were presented on the theme of COASTAL this month. As ever please right click to open a larger version of the image in a new tab. You will also see that Jane's image reminded Rose of one of her own which she submitted after the meeting and we have included at the end of this month's display.























The image on the left was sent in by Rose after the meeting as she noted the similarity with the image Jane submitted - great minds think alike!


Platform Zoom Meeting 17th September 2020

Eight members came in from the sunshine to join our monthly Platform Zoom Meeting today.

Changes to the website were demonstrated and discussed. The gallery will now be updated monthly with images accepted at any time during the month. Thanks to Lindsay and her husband's hard work the website is now the source of all the group's news, information and photographs. This means that there is no longer a role for the newsletter which will end with the next issue at the end of the month.

It was agreed that members will book a place on the next Field Trip on September 24th to Bedruthan and Park Head, by emailing the group contact. The Field Trip is led by Rose and details are on the website along with the requisite Covid Risk Assessments including the Pre-attendance Personal checklist you are asked to complete. Members are also asked to confirm if they wish start at either Park Head or Carnewas at Bedruthan car parks. Covid regulations also mean that contact details must be left with the Field Trip leader.

The field trip on October 22nd will be to Cardinham Woods, arranged by Jenny E. Options for November were discussed with a National Trust property and a Christmas theme a possibility. This plan will be revisited at the October meeting.

Plans for the next Photography Extra meeting on Monday 5th October at 5pm were shared. Jenni Cheesman and Sue Hambly will give presentations on a photographer who has influenced the development of their photography. 

The theme for sharing images this month was Friendship. A remarkable selection of 15 different images were shown. Each one deserves to be seen larger than the thumbnail so please do look though them and right click on any image you wish to see at a larger size. The image will normally open in a new browser tab. Next month's theme will be COASTAL.










Upcoming meeting

The next Platform meeting will be on Thursday 17th September at 2pm via Zoom. The theme for images is Friendship. Heidi will chair the meeting and Zoom details will be sent nearer the time.


Platform Zoom Meeting 20th August 2020

Another great turnout for our monthly Platform Zoom Meeting today with 12 participants.

It was agreed that the next Field Trip will be on September 24th as scheduled to Bedruthan and Park Head, led by Rose. Details will follow nearer the time along with the requisite Covid Risk Assessments. Members will be asked to confirm if they wish to come so that we can arrange different starting points if there is more than one group of six.

The field trip on October 22nd will be to Cardinham Woods, arranged by Jenny E. Options for November were discussed with a National Trust property and a Christmas theme a possibility. This plan will be revisited next month.

Plans for the next Photography Extra meeting on Monday 7th September at 5pm were discussed and it was agreed to follow a similar structure to last month. Details will be sent with the next website update at the end of August.

The theme for sharing images this month was Minimal. A stunning selection of 17 different images were shown. Each one deserves to be seen larger than the thumbnail so please do look though them and right click on any image you wish to see at a larger size. The image will normally open in a new browser tab. Next month's theme will be FRIENDSHIP.

Discussing the images prompted a number of other topics including various mobile phone apps. For those interested the apps referred to were Slow Shutter (£1.99) and Image Blender (£3.99). For those with a subscription to the monthly Adobe Photography Plan the use of LR Mobile offers the opportunity to capture RAW images on your mobile phone.



















16th July Platform Zoom Meeting

In a year of firsts for the Photography Group we held our first Platform meeting since February via Zoom today. Twelve of us enjoyed a very convivial 90 minutes, discussing a wide range of topics and reviewing several members' images via the Share Screen function. 

Once we had all worked out the best way to view all the participants in the meeting we exchanged our usual banter and remarked how even the lack of hairdressers and barbers had not affected our good looks!


We had a discussion about some of the topics suggested for future meetings. One had caught the eye - "How much post processing is too much?". We had a general discussion about each person's view depending on their style of photography and particular interest.

It was agreed that Field Trips would restart formally in September once the number of visitors had reduced, and any further change in restrictions relating to Covid are known. 

Several members had submitted images so we took the opportunity to share these on screen so we could discuss them. This included a fascinating description from Jenni C about her images. A video of this part of the meeting is included below.



(A message from Rose for those at the Zoom meeting - the software she uses on her ipad is MOLDIV)

Lynda informed the group about the wide range of talks and workshops available via the RPS website. Many are free or available at negligible cost, even for non members. Lindsay also mentioned a group for female photographers called SheClicks which has run a number of very interesting talks which are available as videos now. Several members have used these online talks and workshops to improve their skills in the last few months so it was great to share these with each other.

We all agreed that Zoom was a great way to replace our Platform meetings for the next few months, and that we should take the same approach for our monthly Photography Extra meeting normally held on a Monday evening. The dates for the next meetings will be included in the fortnightly website update on Monday 20th July.



February Platform Meeting - The Weather 

A few sample images from our members presented at the last meeting

Jane Perris


Peter Tandy


Rose Cross

Rose Cross