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Pictures from our members


Week commencing 18th May

Heidi Swire

Above Chris enjoying the sunshine in CoulsonPark

Right Our tribute to VE Day


Lindsay Southgate

My first visit to the coast at Gribben head after eight weeks at home



Lindsay Southgate

Seilebost beach, Isle of Harris



Jasmina Goodair

"Both images from Bangkok - A city of amazing contrasts of old and new"

Watch out for more images from this trip in next week's update!


Jenny Edrich - Misty Lerryn


Jenny Edrich - Spring in Ethy Wood


Peter Bland - Zebra Namibia



Rose Cross - Sand Patterns


Rose Cross - Wednesday Evening

Denis clapping for the NHS (with his bike horn) on a walk to the beach.


Rose Cross - Evening Sun


Peter Tandy - I'm Not a Fairy


Peter Tandy - The Duchess of Sutherland

Passing through Lostwithiel on its way back to Bristol.


Jane Perriss - Catseye Morris

Above - Morris dancers with attitude, hugely entertaining and completely different.  We may not have Lostfest this year, but here is a glimpse of last year's event

Right - Abstract




Steph Thomas - Dawn on Helman Tor


Steph Thomas - Dragonflies Rising on Reeds





Week commencing 11th May 





Roland Farley

Above - Starlings at St Ives

Left - Rainsbows and Lighthouses - Smeaton's Pier, St Ives


Both of Roland's images were taken on a workshop with David Chapman in St.Ives. Perhaps when we have returned to slightly more freedom of movement we might take the opportunity for a few more local workshops.

Peter Bland

Above - Red Squirrel, Cairngorms

Right - Windsurfer, Marazion

Jenny Edrich

Above - A misty Flower Moon

Left - The glorious iris


Lindsay Southgate

Above - Evening swell at Nisabost, Isle of Harris

Right - Washed up on the rocks, Jokulsarlon, Iceland



George Dale

Above and right - Bude



Jasmina Goodair - Sydney harbour fireworks


Jasmina Goodair - The laid back Koala

Two images from Jasmina's  trip to Australia and New Zealand over Christmas and New Year


Rose Cross - Sand Patterns


Ross Cross - VE Day


Norma Harbinson - Life on Bodmin Moor



Norma Harbinson - Daffodils at Cothele House



Steph Thomas

Above - Teignmouth Pier

Left - Mangersta Sea Stacks, a different view from the slide show



Peter Tandy

Above - Surf Snowdonia, North Wales

Right - Wells Cathedral, a unique feature of this cathedral is the so-called "scissor arch".  An amazing feat of engineering, the arches strengthened the top-heavy structure and prevented the central tower from collapsing. It was the master mason, William Joy, who devised this ingenious solution.






Jenni Cheesman

Above - Walking the Dog

Left - A Rural Scene

Jane Perriss - Clematis Twirled





Week commencing 4th May 

Peter Bland - Blackface impala



Peter Bland - Puffin, Farne Islands



Jasmina Goodair - Bee busy in the garden

Jasmina Goodair - Common daisy on the lawn
Lynda Mudle Small - Beauty is everywhere! Macro f2.8, 1/1600th, ISO100

Lynda Mudle Small -The Alentejo in spring, taken on one of my walks. The fields are turned blue by viper’s bugloss and alkanet, there are also daisies, corn marigolds and a host of other wild flowers. A wonderful place to be in isolation!


Lindsay Southgate - Morning at The Mount

I experienced my first course by Zoom last week when I "attended" a B&W processing day. 


Lindsay Southgate - Vestrahorn Sunset, Iceland

Taken with a wide angle lens, an ND filter with a 10 second exposure to soften the water


Jenny Edrich - Near Cheesewring


Jenny Edrich - Near Dodman Point


Jenni Cheesman - Birds on Lookout


Jenni Cheesman - Lockdown!


Rose Cross - Flowering Holly in my garden


Rose Cross -  The Echiums in my garden


Steph Thomas - Lighthouse at Burnham-0n-Sea

Taken using a small stopper filter to give a 1-2 second exposure time.


Steph Thomas - Tarr Steps, Exmoor

Re-visited for processing after a zoom developing B&W image workshop. A first for me1


Peter Tandy - March Hares at Cotehele



Peter Tandy - Plas Halt on the Ffestiniog Railway

A lonely place to wait for a train in woodland above Plas Tan y Bwlch which used to be the family home of the Oakeleys and is  now Snowdonia's National Park Environmental Study Centre 



Jane Perriss - Just for fun

A composite of 3 images; Full Moon over Lostwithiel, Tree-scape at No Man's Land and LMS Royal Mail Train.jpg


Norma Harbinson - A Sign of the Times


Norma Harbinson - A Different View

Sue Hambly - Strolling By

Sue Hambly - Passing Through




Week commencing 27th April

David Platt - Cloudy dawn, Florida Keys David Platt - End to a perfect day, Florida Keys

Rose Cross - My Foxglove Tree (Paulownia Tomentosa)

In front of the Loquat Tree( Erioboheya) in my garden.

Rose Cross -On my bike ride to Porthcothan, beautiful day

Roland Farley - Bashful Bee



Roland Farley - Calopteryx virgo - Beautiful Demoiselle






Jenny Edrich - Night time in Syracuse, Sicily


Jenny Edrich - Night time in Syracuse, Sicily


George Dale - Prince to the rescue  


Jenni Cheesman - Oops


Jenni Cheesman - Lunch


Jasmina Goodair - Stonechat catching Hawthorn flies up on Bodmin Moor

Jasmina Goodair -ICM of Sydney nightlife

Lynda Mudle-Small

Cyclamen Macro lens f2.8 100th sec, 100 ISO photographed against a pink background.


Lynda Mudle-Small

Purple Sow Thistle Macro lens f2.8 1/125th ISO 100 photographed against a mauve background.


Peter Bland - Baby Giraffe




Peter Bland - Kite in Wales



Lindsay Southgate - April evening sun over Lostwithiel.

We are lucky to have this as the view from our garden, which at this time of year is such a treat as the trees emerge into colour. Last week the evening sun made for a spectacular sight.


Lindsay Southgate

A Lostwithiel company, Garden Gate Flowers, grows these beautiful blooms for weddings. As they cannot be used for their original purpose Rebecca is selling bouquets each Friday so a good chance to spread my wings a little in terms of photography! I don't think Jenni, Lynda or Jane have anything to worry about!


Steph Thomas - The Old Lighthouse

A sunset on Lundy Island


Steph Thomas - Hebridean Sunset

I think my choice of pictures reflects how much I'm missing the sea.




Heide Swire -

A couple from the Portrait Workshop set up by Peter in December 2018  

Peter Tandy - Red Kite

At Gigrin Farm in mid-Wales


Peter Tandy - Gallopers

At Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

Jane Perriss - Clematis








Week commencing 20th April



Jenny Edrich - Bridal Veil

From a workshop with Ross Hoddinott in 2019

Jenny Edrich - Mr Toad

Resident in the garden behind a board



David Blake


David Blake

Roland Farley - RHS Flower


Roland Farley - Olden, Norway


Peter Bland - Boscombe

focal length of 23mm F18 and exposure time of 2.5 second using a stopper


Peter Bland - Trevose Head

19mm focal length at F13 with an exposure time of 2 minutes 40 second on a big stopper

Martin Gurran - A tree that has stood on the fence for too long. The filter is supposed to highlight the fence cutting into it.



Lindsay Southgate - Outline

Taken in the lanes around Lostwithiel last week and processed using some techniques learnt via Youtube!

Lindsay Southgate - From Estrahorn towards Vestrahorn, Iceland



Jenni Cheesman - Cowslip with bee


Jenni Cheesman - Purple tulip


Jasmina Goodair - Fritillary

Canon macro lens 100mm at 1/400th second, f2.8,      ISO 100


Jasmina Goodair - Dicentra

Canon macro lens 100mm at 1/160th second, f2.8, ISO 125


Rose Cross - Bluebells

More colour in a mostly green garden


Rose Cross - Interesting, couldn't pull it up!


Sue Hambly  - Deserted


Sue Hambly  - Lockdown

These images aren't the norm, but are good ones to look back on in 12 months time!


Norma Harbinson - Heron


Norma Harbinson - Bracket Fungus with Bluebells in Early Spring


Steph Thomas - Isolation

Arsenic processing chimney at Geevor Mine



Steph Thomas - A Tinner's Farewell

Remains of the locker room at Geevor Mine


Peter Tandy - Here's looking at you...


Peter Tandy - Paignton Zoo Primate



Michael Wilson - Bedruthan Steps

Oct 19. f10 1/200 40mm


Michael Wilson - Hellebore

April. 20. f5.6 1/60 105mm


George Dale - Wetlands 1


George Dale - Wetlands 2

Jane Perriss - Lockdown, Twirling with Lynn Luxon-Jones






Week commencing 13th April


David Platt - Bottoms Up

David Platt - Eagle


Roland Farley - Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

Roland Farley - Mullion

Peter Bland - Lindisfarne Lindisfarne boat store

Taken using a big stopper to get some flow in the clouds. Used a 16mm lens at a F16 with a 32 second exposure

Peter Bland - Cat Shadow

A very old photograph taken on a Nikon compact camera. Just one of those lucky shots, walked in the door and there it was and I happened to have a camera in my hand. The information tells me it was 160th of a second at F3.


Lindsay Southgate - Daisy

Lindsay Southgate - Stitchwort
This week I decided to make the most of the current situation and try my hand at a new genre for me - indoor flower photography. I gathered some samples fromthe hedgerows on my daily walk and then set up my macro lens and got to work. I still miss my landscapes though - I'm longing to see the sea.



David Blake

David Blake


Jenny Edrich - Late Tulip





Jenny Edrich - New life, static life - Lerryn is in lockdown whilst the farmers' lives never stop



 Heidi Swire - the photos are from the day I went around Charlestown with Jasmina – I challenged myself to take a closer look at what was around. I have played with the sliders on the Raw file – surprise, surprise!!

Martin Gurran - From under the viaduct near Milltown using a filter to enhance the stonework.



Martin Gurran - an inverted puddle reflection from a walk by the river with slightly enhanced colours.


George Dale - Wheelwright's Workshop at Cotehele Mill

George Dale - Blacksmith's Shop at Cotehele Mill


Jenni Cheesman - The Sheep in The Field 


Jasmina Goodair - Little Grebe

Taken at Walmsley Nature Reserve. Sigma 100-400mm lens at 242mm, 1/800 sec, f6.3, ISO 100



Jasmina Goodair - Kookaburra

Canon EOS 700D 18-135 lens. Shot at 135mm, 1/250 sec, f8, ISO 100


Steph Thomas - Sunset

To remind those of us who live inland of the time we will be able to see the sea and watch the sunset again.


Rose Cross - Bluebells

Colour in my mostly green garden


Rose Cross - Pink, Bluebells!


Jane Perriss - Clevedon Pier

On the eastern shore of the Severn Estuary. Taken on the U3A trip January 2016



Jane Perriss - Postcard from Devon

Sidmouth June 2016



Peter Tandy - Llyn Mair (Welsh for Mary's Lake)

This is a 14-acre artificial lake near Maentwrog, in Gwynedd. It was created in 1889 by William Edward Oakeley (of Plas Tan-y-bwich) as a 21st birthday present for his daughter Mair and as a water supply.


Jenni Cheesman - Perhaps I'm Losing It !




Week commencing 6th April

Lynda Mudle- Small

A few weeks ago our fields here in Portugal were white with chamomile. 100mm lens @ f2.6, 1/1000th sec, ISO 100



Lynda Mudle- Small

In the scrubby areas the lavender and cistus have been flowering for weeks. 50mm lens @ f1.8, 1/250th sec, ISO100


Michael Wilson - Here is the cathedral in Cordoba 

APC camera f4.5, 1/50 sec,15mm

Both images were taken in RAW that I process to three exposures then combine as HDR in computer. This avoids multiple exposures and in-camera processing giving better control.   


Michael Wilson - The couple in the bar in Arcos.

APC camera f7, 1/100 sec, 24 mm

The people in Spain are suffering terribly.  I so much look forward to going again.


Jenni Cheesman - High Tide at the Sea Pool

Winner of the informal DIG"s (Digital Imaging Group of the RPS) monthly competition. Voted on by group members. 


Jenni Cheesman - Spring Blossom

Taken on an early morning walk along the lanes around Padstow.


George Dale - Yellow Boats at Oldtown Cove


George Dale - Voyage's End


Jasmina Goodair - Blue Tit

Taken at Golitha Falls using a Sigma 100-400mm lens at 279mm, f6.3, 1/1000 sec, ISO 1600


Jasmina Goodair - Long Tailed Tit 

Taken at Walmsley Nature Reserve using a Sigma 100-400 lens at 242mm, f6.3, 1/400 sec, ISO 200 



Jenny Edrich - melting ice


Jenny Edrich - stitchwort is forming straggly white patches in the hedges now. How delicate are the individual flowers



Peter Bland - M&S steps

This photograph was taken at night outside Marks and Spencer at Fraddon. We had popped in to get some shopping and when I came out I saw this and took it on my mobile phone. It is just amazing what you can get on mobile phones these days.


Peter Bland - Salen boats

This was taken last year. Salen is between Craignure and Tobermory on Isle of Mull. I managed to photograph these on two or three occasions when passing and nudging other photographers out of the way. Exposure was F11 at 18 seconds on a 40mm lens using a big stopper to smooth the water, not that you can see a lot of it in this particular photograph. I have more but did not want to create boat overload.


Lindsay Southgate - Play suspended

This was taken in a snowstorm in Iceland. We were actually shooting an iconic viewpoint in the other direction but I turned around and saw this. I loved the colours of the club house and seats. The moral is - always look behind you!


Lindsay Southgate - Burnham Low Lighthouse

Taken at high tide I was able to use a 10 stop ND filter to lengthen the exposure time and capture some movement in the cloud whilst smoothing the water




Roland Farley - Clayoquot Sound at dawn

in the Pacific Rim National Park, south west Vancouver Island



Roland Farley - Woodpecker

in the garden in Lostwithiel!


David Platt - bird scarer


David Platt - Thruxton

Sue Hambly - Joy at Home

Sue Hambly - Serenity at Home

Rose Cross - Small waves

Rose Cross - Not one car

Peter Tandy

Left -Raring to go

Above - Gardener's Cottage, Lanhdrock

Jane Perriss - Autumn Leaves at Lanhydrock Jane Perriss - No fishing but lotsof photography

Norma Harbinson

Above Through the Rockies

Left Reflection



Week commencing 30th March

George Dale 

Above and right - Wheels

Heidi Swire - photo stacking daisies at Lanhydrock

Heidi Swire - Seagulls at Pentewan Beach


Jenny Edrich

Above - Runny nose


Left - Hummingbird at rest - for a second

Jasmina Goodair - Acvocets

Jasmina Goodair - Meadow Pipet

Jane Perriss - Camellia

Jane Perriss - Royal Albert Bridge

Norma Harbinson

Above - Magic of the Moor

Right - Signs of Spring

Peter Bland - Bamburgh Castle

Peter Bland - Boscombe Pier

Peter Tandy

Above - Royal William Yard

Right - Snowdrop at Lanhydrock

Sue Hambly - Daymer Bay

Sue Hambly - Daymer Beach


Lindsay Southgate

Above - Blue Ice at Jokulsarlon

Right - Reynisfjara Beach





Week commencing 23rd March


Jenni Cheesman

Above - Wild Garlic

Left - Damselfly amongst the grasses

Lindsay Southgate

Above - Clevedon Pier

Right - Red Church in a snowstorm


Michael Wilson

Above - Roughtor

Left - Cecilienhof


Steph Thomas

Above - Porlock Weir

Left - A carpet of blue

Peter Bland

Above - Boscombe Pier

Right - Lindisfarne Boats


Rose Cross -  For the next 3 months, cheers!