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Pictures from our members

Week commencing 30th March

Jenny Edrich - Hummingbird at rest - for a second




Jenny Edrich - Runny nose!


Peter Bland - Bamburgh Castle

Taken last year using my favourite Fuji 14mm lens F13 at 1/70th of a second. There was no filter, it was just a really good sky with dodging and burning to help.


Peter Bland - Boscombe pier

Taken with the focal length of 23mm F18 and exposure time of 2.5 second using a stopper.



Jasmina Goodair - Meadow Pipit

Taken at Cargreen on the Tamar estuary. 1/500 sec, f 8, iso 200,  with a Sigma 100-400 mm.


Jasmina Goodair - Avocets

Taken at Cargreen on the Tamar estuary. 1/500 sec, f 8, iso 200,  with a Sigma 100-400 mm.


Norma Harbinson - The Magic of the Moors


Norma Harbinson - Signs of Spring



Heidi Swire - photostacking daisies at Lanhydrock in February



Heidi Swire - Seagulls at Pentewan beach


Peter Tandy - Snowdrop at Lanhydrock

Nikon D5300: f/80 300mm 1/1250sec.  ISO 800


Peter Tandy - Royal William Yard

NikonD 5300:  f/8.0 26.0 mm 1/400sec ISO 200


Rose Cross - My Small World

 My small world at the moment—Trevone



Rose Cross - A lovely Sunday afternoon

Nearly deserted, they are listening


 George Dale - Wheels


George Dale - Wheels 8

Jane Perriss - The Royal Albert Bridge over the River Tamar

Jane Perriss - Camellia

Taken using ICM (intentional camera movement) 


Sue Hambly - Last Day of Freedom
Taken at Daymer Bay with my Olympus camera. I took lots of images knowing that I probably wouldn't see the beach for sometime. I felt a little sad, but needed to record and absorb the beautiful surroundings.





Week commencing 23rd March

Michael Wilson - Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam

Where the conference was held 1945. Taken July 2019 1/250 f10 18mm . Taken as RAW and lighting altered in DPP - Canon's free software. I like the structure and detail. I have it framed hanging on a wall.



Michael Wilson - Rocks on Rough Tor

Taken Feb 2020. 1/250 f11 40mm full frame. Lighting altered in DPP. I like the moody sky, structure and line of rocks. Also hanging on my wall.


Lindsay Southgate - Clevedon Pier

f10 60 second exposure using 10 stop neutral density filter.

I used this technique to smooth the water and clouds giving a soft feel to the image.


Steph Thomas - A Carpet of Blue

Nikon D7100 f/22 1/10 second exposure 90mm


Lindsay Southgate - Icelandic Red Church in a snowstorm

f7.1 1/800th sec 500 iso. This image was taken in swirling snow and high winds so had to be taken at a very fast shutter speed to remain sharp.


Steph Thomas - Porlock Weir

Nikon D7100 f/11 18mm 10 second exposure using Lee Filter small stopper


Jenni Cheesman - Wild Garlic

Taken March 2020
1/160 f2.8 60mm Olympus Mirrorless Camera
60mm Macro Lens
Taken as RAW file and processed in Photoshop
I like the effect of shooting at f2.8
giving an ethereal quality to the image


Jenni Cheesman - Damselfly Amongst Grasses

Taken May 2019 on Victoria Hillman workshop in Somerset
1/160 f11 100mm Canon 77D cropped sensor camera
100mm Macro Lens
Taken as RAW file and lightly processed
in Photoshop and cropped quite tightly
I particularly like the shadow on the grass

Rose Cross - For the Next Three Months: Cheers!