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Lostwithiel Area u3a Annual General Meeting - 15th May 2013


At the AGM the following committee was elected:-

  • Ann Henderson – Chairman (Telephone  01208 873428)
  • Keith Southgate– Secretary (Telephone 01208 873371 )
  • Carol Williams – Membership Secretary (Telephone  01208 871077)
  • Veronica Ashworth – Group co-ordinator (Telephone 01208  873397)
  • Lindsay Southgate –   Treasurer  (Telephone  01208 873371)
  • Rosemary Phillips – Telephone  01208 871337


.Minutes from the first AGM  may be read on line by following these links:

AGM Minutes in Word format

AGM Minutes in pdf format

Read the 2013 AGM Notice on-line by following this link -  http://sdrv.ms/128GCAP

The Constitution approved at the first (2013) AGM may be read by following this link:  http://goo.gl/zUVft

A "stand alone" Nomination  Form for 2013  is available via this link http://sdrv.ms/Xz4jnQ

Summary of Accounts for the first three months (from 1st January 2013 to 31st March 2013) available via this link.   A copy of the full accounts is available from the Treasurer on request