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Lostwithiel Area u3a Annual General Meeting - 19th May 2014

Members agreed at the AGM to an amendment to the constitution, allowing us to delay until later in the year any decision about the subscription for 2015-6.

The following committee was elected: Jean Ashbridge, Veronica Ashworth, Mike Foxhall, Ann Henderson (Chair), Brenda Mead, Rosemary Phillips, Zara Read, Keith Southgate (Secretary), Lindsay Southgate (Treasurer), Carol Williams.

New committee members were warmly welcomed, and all members were reminded of the need for constant turn-over in committee membership, as committee terms of office are very limited.


Chairman’s Report  2013-4

Having been in existence now for one full year, we have a healthy bank balance and 126 people in paid-up membership and eligible therefore to vote at the AGM. This is a situation for which many new groups would envy us.


Our present members are not exactly the same people as those who joined in the beginning. Some people have not renewed their membership this year; others, having only just heard of us, or having found out more about us from existing members, have joined for the first time. Similarly, the 20+ activity groups we have at present are not entirely the same as the ones we started with. Some groups discontinued when they were found to duplicate existing provision or were for other reasons not exactly what members needed; other groups have been formed to meet needs that had never occurred to us in the beginning. We had not recognised, for example, the need for a local ukulele group, but this launched itself with a dramatic ukulele duet at a general meeting and had to close its books within a month, being fully subscribed with a dozen members, many of them beginners. The new iPadders group, similarly, gained members very rapidly and obviously met a real need.


This is exactly as it should be. We are a ‘university’ in the sense that we offer people access to learning opportunities and new experiences, and the stimulus and support that come from encountering them together. Because each local u3a is autonomous, we can offer these things entirely flexibly, in response to developing local needs. That is what makes it such a dynamic and interesting organisation to belong to.

Here’s to the next year!

Ann Henderson, Chair

April 2014




A copy of the minutes from the 2014 AGM is available to read via these links

2014 AGM Minutes in Word format

2014 AGM Minutes in pdf format

Read the 2014 AGM Calling Notice and Agenda on-line by following this link -  http://1drv.ms/1gZpTcH

A "stand alone" Nomination Form is available via this link  http://1drv.ms/1i6Llsb

Summary of Accounts for the 2013- 2014 available via this link:   http://1drv.ms/1gZqpY2 A copy of the full accounts  available from the Treasurer on request.