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Lostwithiel Area u3a Annual General Meeting - 16th May 2016

Our fourth AGM was held on May 16th 2016.

The new officers are :-

  • Chair - Doug Cowan
  • Business Secretary - TBA
  • Treasurer - Linden Blake

The new committee consists of Carol Williams, Brenda Mead, Veronica Ashworth, Rosemary Phillips, Sue Sargent, Janet Haley, Judy Dixon, Ann Henderson, Lindsay Southgate, and Keith Southgate.




  • Apologies for Absence
  •  Opening Remarks by Chairman
  •  Adoption of Minutes from third AGM. (Available on line at https://goo.gl/cW9CrC )
  •  Financial Report – Presentation of Accounts for 2015 / 16
  •  Approve the appointment of an Examiner for the accounts for 2016 / 17
  • Election of Officers and Committee

Chairman’s report 2015-16

Ann Henderson writes:-

"It sometimes seems, looking at what we get up to, that ‘University’ of any kind is something of a misnomer. But going on learning is a necessary part of going on living, and that’s what we are doing. And it doesn’t matter whether what we are learning about is classics or carpentry or wine vintages – or bridge, or science, or playing a musical instrument, or just finding our way around our new IT equipment. The difference between the u3a and the universities some of us attended long ago is that this is the third age of our lives. We are not young, and that has some very noticeable disadvantages. But it has benefits too. We’re not driven by the by the need to acquire qualifications or to build up a career. We don’t have to impress anybody, so nobody can tell us what to do. We learn about what interests us and we learn it in our own way - frequently from one another.

For three successful years now, Lostwithiel Area u3a has promoted and supported that kind of learning, and may it go on doing so for a long time to come!

Many new organisations get off to an impressive start and then begin to diminish. That has not happened to us. People come and go, inevitably, but our overall numbers continue to rise, as does the number of our activity groups. While the organisation has grown, however, it has retained the openness and friendliness that make it easy for new members to find a place. I would be sad if we ever got big enough to lose that.

This is my final report as I reach the end of my three years as Chairman. I am glad to go, not because I haven’t enjoyed it – I have! - but because growth and movement are all part of what we are about, so a static committee would not represent what we are. And what we are is something to be proud of."